Jaden ~ Downtown

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For some reason boys don't get official senior portraits taken as often as girls. I wish they would! Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles love having nice pics to mark graduation. Plus senior guys deserve to capture the transition from high school to adulthood, too! Freezing time at 17 or 18 years old can be magical and will be something they can show their kids and grandkids one day if they come along. "Look how cool and handsome grandpa was back in the day!" Ha. So I am always happy when a senior guy comes my way. Especially one like Jaden. I thoughly enjoyed my session with him. He was willing to try different poses no matter how silly he felt and I think he had some fun, too! We meandered around downtown and I did a mix of my favorite photography spots along with some new ones. And WOW...look at the results! He was a superstar senior in my opinion. Mr. GQ-- looking like a magazine model:) I loved his hair, too! Very cool shade of purple on top. It is his trademark and I'm glad he didn't try to change it. He captured who he is at the moment and that is so important for senior portraits. 

Jaden runs track and is on the robotics team. He has plans to major in engineering. I told him that was a great career choice! My son is an engineer and it has been a wonderful field for him to be in. I wish him well his senior year with track, robotics, and his college search. I'm sure he is headed for success and will have a great transition to college life! And maybe one day engineer Jaden's kids will look in awe at the super cool pics of their dad:)

Jaden-1Jaden-1 Jaden-3Jaden-3 Jaden-6Jaden-6 Jaden-8Jaden-8 Jaden-9-2Jaden-9-2 Jaden-10Jaden-10 Jaden-12Jaden-12 Jaden-13Jaden-13 Jaden-14Jaden-14 Jaden-17Jaden-17 Jaden-21Jaden-21 Jaden-23Jaden-23 Jaden-24Jaden-24 Jaden-27Jaden-27 Jaden-28Jaden-28 Jaden-29Jaden-29 Jaden-31Jaden-31 Jaden-32Jaden-32 Jaden-33Jaden-33 Jaden-34Jaden-34 Jaden-35Jaden-35 Jaden-41Jaden-41 Jaden-42Jaden-42 Jaden-44-2Jaden-44-2 Jaden-46Jaden-46 Jaden-49Jaden-49 Jaden-50Jaden-50

Ellie ~ Arboretum

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We originally had Ellie's photo shoot scheduled for two hours before sunset. However, the weather had other plans for us. With rain forecast, we moved the session to afternoon. It was supposed to be cloudy, but the sun kept peeking brilliantly through the clouds! You have to be careful with strong midday sun as it can be harsh, but I'm happy to say all turned out fabulous in the end. And it did indeed rain later on, so we made the right decision in changing the time! With photography it is always good to be flexible:)

Every time I visit the arboretum it is different. On this day, there was just starting to be a tinge of fall colors, berries dotted foliage, and there were still a few colorful flower blooms to be found. It was gorgeous and so was Ellie, so I had a great time as we explored the grounds with my trusty camera in hand. We did run into a snake on one of the paths, which gave me a startle. No stopping by the snake for pics-ha! I loved Ellie's outfits--the cream sweater looked perfect for the pond and tall grass, the dress complimented the butterfly bench and open field, and the orange sweater coordinated perfectly with the early fall colors. At the end of the session we went to a different area close-by but off the grounds and tried out a really cool sculpture as a backdrop. It is always fun to experiment and try new things! 

Ellie is lovely inside and out and I'm so happy I had the chance to work with her. She is an accomplished young woman with a busy schedule, participating in cross country and track, playing the violin in orchestra, and writing for her school newspaper as a feature editor. The college search is complicated I'm sure due to Covid (makes college visits a bit of a challenge if you can visit at all!) but I'm sure she will land where she will thrive. I'm hoping when she starts college that classes can resume to be in person and she can get the full college experience. And I hope she has a great rest of her senior year, despite all the difficult changes that have taken place. 

Best wishes for a bright future, Ellie! It was a true honor to be your senior photographer!

Ellie Snider-1Ellie Snider-1 Ellie Snider-3-3Ellie Snider-3-3

Ellie Snider-5-2Ellie Snider-5-2 Ellie Snider-6-2Ellie Snider-6-2 Ellie Snider-7Ellie Snider-7 Ellie Snider-8Ellie Snider-8 Ellie Snider-9-2Ellie Snider-9-2 Ellie Snider-10Ellie Snider-10 Ellie Snider-12Ellie Snider-12 Ellie Snider-16-2Ellie Snider-16-2 Ellie Snider-18Ellie Snider-18 Ellie Snider-20Ellie Snider-20 Ellie Snider-27Ellie Snider-27 Ellie Snider-31Ellie Snider-31 Ellie Snider-32-2Ellie Snider-32-2 Ellie Snider-35Ellie Snider-35 Ellie Snider-36Ellie Snider-36 Ellie Snider-38-4Ellie Snider-38-4 Ellie Snider-40-3Ellie Snider-40-3 Ellie Snider-41Ellie Snider-41 Ellie Snider-47Ellie Snider-47 Ellie Snider-50Ellie Snider-50 Ellie Snider-51Ellie Snider-51 Ellie Snider-52Ellie Snider-52 Ellie Snider-53Ellie Snider-53 Ellie Snider-55Ellie Snider-55 Ellie Snider-59Ellie Snider-59 Ellie Snider-63Ellie Snider-63

Kessler ~ Family and Downtown Mini Session

September 30, 2020  •  1 Comment

Despite being super photogenic, Kessler is not a fan of having his picture taken. Which I can certainly sympathize with as I much prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. But he certainly came through for both family pics and a quick downtown mini session! Kessler has the most intense blue eyes and I have to say my camera was just not able to take a bad picture of him! He looked handsome in every single one

We started out at his home for the family pics that included the family dogs. And boy did a miracle happen—I caught all THREE dogs looking at the camera at the same time. I love that photo so much! We then moved out to the bright sunshine for a few more poses with a country feel and then back to the shaded yard to finish up the family portion of the shoot. By that time the setting sun was seeping through the shade and casting glowy orange and gold rays. Perfect backdrop for an early autumn vibe. I actually do not usually do family pics as I like to concentrate on seniors, but Kessler’s mom, Angie, is a friend of mine from way back. So when she asked, of course I had to say yes. And I am so glad I did! Doing something I normally don’t do stretched and challenged me as a photographer, which is a good thing. And I was so happy to be able to create these beautiful family portraits for my friend. 

After the family photos, we moved to downtown for Kessler’s senior session. By this time I think he was quite tired of having his picture taken, but you would never know it by looking at the photos! It was a quick 15 minute shoot and we made use of three spots in a concentrated area—a brick wall, red warehouse door, and a rich looking wood backdrop. I am really pleased with the variety we got and have to give credit to my wonderful model. He was a real trouper. And with every click of the camera he delivered. I know he made his mom (and grandmas) really happy. These photos will be treasured for years to come by those who love him. And I hope one day he will look back and be glad he had them taken. As you grow older, you realize youth is fleeting. So how lucky we are to be able to capture a moment in time with photography! So thank you, Kessler, for being patient with me as I clicked away like a crazed woman. I adore your photos and am grateful I had the chance to do your senior portraits.

Crop-Speigle-1Crop-Speigle-1 Crop-Speigle-2Crop-Speigle-2 Crop-Speigle-3Crop-Speigle-3 Speigle-18Speigle-18 Speigle-19Speigle-19 Crop-Speigle-40Crop-Speigle-40 Crop-Speigle-4-4Crop-Speigle-4-4 Crop-Speigle-5Crop-Speigle-5 Speigle-38Speigle-38 Speigle-43Speigle-43 Speigle-45Speigle-45 Crop-Speigle-7Crop-Speigle-7 Speigle-46Speigle-46 Speigle-42Speigle-42 Speigle-50Speigle-50 Speigle-51Speigle-51 Speigle-53Speigle-53 Speigle-54-2Speigle-54-2 Crop-Speigle-8Crop-Speigle-8 Speigle-56Speigle-56 Speigle-57Speigle-57 Speigle-58Speigle-58 Speigle-60-2Speigle-60-2 Speigle-61Speigle-61 Speigle-64Speigle-64    Speigle-67-2Speigle-67-2




Allaina ~ Farm

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This is my third year photographing Allaina and her 4-H animals at the farm. This year Ziggy the pig and Marlo the dairy steer are featured! Ziggy was a hoot, posing up a storm. And just take a look at all his different expressions! I told Allaina and her mom that Ziggy needs a modeling contract--ha! Marlo was a very playful, ornery, and curious steer, but settled down for some sweet snuggly pics and even tried to give Allaina a few kisses over the fence.

This will be Allaina's last year showing her 4-H animals. She is on her way to being a very busy college student at Trine University on a figure skating scholarship. Soon she will be competing at the collegiate level at ice arenas, but her next competition will be at our local fairgrounds, leading Marlo and herding Ziggy in the ring. Our county fair this year is going to be a little different due to Covid. There won't be any rides, endless food booths, or bustling display and commercial halls, but all the 4-H'ers will still be able to participate with their projects and animals. After all the work that goes into being a part of 4-H and raising animals, I am glad that the fair was not totally cancelled. 

During a break between clicking away and capturing images of Allaina with Ziggy and Marlo, Allaina's dad suggested I take some pics of her with an old rusty cattle trailer named "The Last  Ride" since this would be her farewell to 4-H and the fair as an exhibitor. I thought it was a marvelous idea and was totally onboard! I adore how they turned out and the sentiment behind them. I loved the old rusty trailer so much, that after I was finally done with the animal pics, I asked Allaina to continue to pose using the trailer as a backdrop. She was a good sport and agreed even though she had wrestled with her animals and got her clothes dirty--which I happen to think makes the pics all the more authentic! After all, what is a farm girl without some mud and animal slobber? Somehow Allaina managed to look totally glamorous and absolutely beautiful despite wearing clothes that weren't pristine, but this didn't surprise me at all. I actually don't think Allaina is capable of taking a bad pic and I'm grateful I have been able to capture her these past three years. She is ALWAYS such a lovely subject to have in front of my camera lens and her big brown eyes are jaw droppingly gorgeous. I'm really going to miss going out to the farm and spending time with Allaina and her animals. Makes me sad this will be the last time, but at least there are these photos to remember the fun we have had!

Best wishes, Allaina, for a successful showing at the fair with Marlo and Ziggy! It has been a joy to be part of your 4-H journey!  

  Allaina Summer 2020-2Allaina Summer 2020-2 Allaina Summer 2020-4Allaina Summer 2020-4 Allaina Summer 2020-5Allaina Summer 2020-5 Allaina Summer 2020-8Allaina Summer 2020-8 Allaina Summer 2020-9Allaina Summer 2020-9 Allaina Summer 2020-26Allaina Summer 2020-26 Allaina Summer 2020-27-2Allaina Summer 2020-27-2 Allaina Summer 2020-29Allaina Summer 2020-29 Allaina Summer 2020-33Allaina Summer 2020-33 Allaina Summer 2020-51Allaina Summer 2020-51 Allaina Summer 2020-56Allaina Summer 2020-56 Allaina Summer 2020-60Allaina Summer 2020-60 Allaina Summer 2020-61Allaina Summer 2020-61 Allaina Summer 2020-69-3Allaina Summer 2020-69-3 Allaina Summer 2020-72-2Allaina Summer 2020-72-2 Allaina Summer 2020-74-2Allaina Summer 2020-74-2 Allaina Summer 2020-77-2Allaina Summer 2020-77-2 Allaina Summer 2020-90Allaina Summer 2020-90 Allaina Summer 2020-92Allaina Summer 2020-92 Allaina Summer 2020-94Allaina Summer 2020-94 Allaina Summer 2020-95Allaina Summer 2020-95 Allaina Summer 2020-96Allaina Summer 2020-96 Allaina Summer 2020-99Allaina Summer 2020-99 Allaina Summer 2020-105Allaina Summer 2020-105 Allaina Summer 2020-106Allaina Summer 2020-106 Allaina Summer 2020-112Allaina Summer 2020-112 Allaina Summer 2020-121-2Allaina Summer 2020-121-2 Allaina Summer 2020-128Allaina Summer 2020-128 Allaina Summer 2020-129Allaina Summer 2020-129 Allaina Summer 2020-131Allaina Summer 2020-131

Neena ~ Arboretum and Downtown

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I have known Neena since she was a tiny ballerina. She has shared many moments on stage and off with my daughter, who is a few years older. Neena's mama is also a friend of mine. So this made this particular photography session extra special! I was so excited to be able to capture some wonderful senior moments for Neena and her family! Having watched her grow into a graceful leading lady of the dance stage has been an absolute pleasure. Neena was supposed to be Belle in Ballet Wooster's production of Beauty and the Beast this past spring, but of course that was cancelled. I took some publicity pics of her in her beautiful yellow Belle costume shortly before Covid closed everything down. It is my hope that sometime during her senior year she will be able to dance as Belle and get to don that radiant costume again. After all the years of hard and dedicated work in ballet, Neena deserves a last moment to shine on the stage!

Neena had asked for a split session encompassing the arboretum and downtown. We started out at the arboretum. It was a bright and sunny day so we had to scout out areas of shade. Luckily we found some perfect backdrops! It was hard to stop taking pics there (could have gone on forever with my beautiful subject), but downtown was calling and so we moved over there before the sun went down. It is hard for me to decide which setting I like best! Both places offer a unique atmosphere and picturesque spots. So I'm glad Neena choose both!

Neena owes her gorgeous features to her Italian, German, and Navajo heritage. What a stunning combination! It is hard to take a bad photo of Neena. Smiling or serious, she commands the camera lens in her own unique way. I'm grateful and honored to have had a chance to be her senior photographer. Besides dance, visual arts classes and music also play a big part of her life. Especially music! She plays piccolo and flute in marching band, symphonic band and orchestra. She sings in concert choir and chamber choir as well. She is a busy and determined student who excels in all she does. Her plans for college includes pursing a degree in one of her great passions--music! She would also like to study political science as a minor or dual major. I'm looking forward to seeing where life leads this smart, talented, sweet and fiercely strong young woman! She is going places for sure! 

  Neena Shell-22Neena Shell-22 Neena Shell-28Neena Shell-28 Neena Shell-33Neena Shell-33 Neena Shell-37Neena Shell-37 Neena Shell-40Neena Shell-40   Neena Shell-14Neena Shell-14   Neena Shell-43Neena Shell-43 Neena Shell-44Neena Shell-44   Neena Shell-47-4Neena Shell-47-4   Neena Shell-46Neena Shell-46    Neena Shell-50Neena Shell-50 Neena Shell-51Neena Shell-51 Neena Shell-66Neena Shell-66 Neena Shell-68Neena Shell-68 Neena Shell-71Neena Shell-71 Neena Shell-72Neena Shell-72 Neena Shell-73Neena Shell-73 Neena Shell-78Neena Shell-78 Neena Shell-85Neena Shell-85 Neena Shell-87Neena Shell-87 Neena Shell-88Neena Shell-88 Neena Shell-90Neena Shell-90 Neena Shell-93Neena Shell-93 Neena Shell-94Neena Shell-94 Neena Shell-97Neena Shell-97 Neena Shell-98Neena Shell-98 Neena Shell-99Neena Shell-99 Neena Shell-100-2Neena Shell-100-2 Neena Shell-102Neena Shell-102 Neena Shell-101Neena Shell-101


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