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This is my third year photographing Allaina and her 4-H animals at the farm. This year Ziggy the pig and Marlo the dairy steer are featured! Ziggy was a hoot, posing up a storm. And just take a look at all his different expressions! I told Allaina and her mom that Ziggy needs a modeling contract--ha! Marlo was a very playful, ornery, and curious steer, but settled down for some sweet snuggly pics and even tried to give Allaina a few kisses over the fence.

This will be Allaina's last year showing her 4-H animals. She is on her way to being a very busy college student at Trine University on a figure skating scholarship. Soon she will be competing at the collegiate level at ice arenas, but her next competition will be at our local fairgrounds, leading Marlo and herding Ziggy in the ring. Our county fair this year is going to be a little different due to Covid. There won't be any rides, endless food booths, or bustling display and commercial halls, but all the 4-H'ers will still be able to participate with their projects and animals. After all the work that goes into being a part of 4-H and raising animals, I am glad that the fair was not totally cancelled. 

During a break between clicking away and capturing images of Allaina with Ziggy and Marlo, Allaina's dad suggested I take some pics of her with an old rusty cattle trailer named "The Last  Ride" since this would be her farewell to 4-H and the fair as an exhibitor. I thought it was a marvelous idea and was totally onboard! I adore how they turned out and the sentiment behind them. I loved the old rusty trailer so much, that after I was finally done with the animal pics, I asked Allaina to continue to pose using the trailer as a backdrop. She was a good sport and agreed even though she had wrestled with her animals and got her clothes dirty--which I happen to think makes the pics all the more authentic! After all, what is a farm girl without some mud and animal slobber? Somehow Allaina managed to look totally glamorous and absolutely beautiful despite wearing clothes that weren't pristine, but this didn't surprise me at all. I actually don't think Allaina is capable of taking a bad pic and I'm grateful I have been able to capture her these past three years. She is ALWAYS such a lovely subject to have in front of my camera lens and her big brown eyes are jaw droppingly gorgeous. I'm really going to miss going out to the farm and spending time with Allaina and her animals. Makes me sad this will be the last time, but at least there are these photos to remember the fun we have had!

Best wishes, Allaina, for a successful showing at the fair with Marlo and Ziggy! It has been a joy to be part of your 4-H journey!  

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