Megan ~ Arboretum and Downtown Wooster

December 06, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Megan's handsome brother was one of my first seniors that I photographed. Now, years later, it'a her turn! It was a bit of a bumpy start--we had couple of October sessions for Megan that were scheduled that had to be cancelled. One due to a conflict with Megan's schedule and another due to rainy weather. So it ended up being a November photo shoot. Was a bit worried because November can be cold! But as luck would have it, it was a comfortable and unseasonably warm day! No shivering or chattering teeth, thank goodness! So glad it all worked out and as you can see, the end result was more than worth the delays!

Megan choose to split the session between Secrest Arboretum and downtown Wooster. A nature vibe and an urban vibe! Megan certainly was a beautiful subject for both settings. She is a gorgeous gal for sure and the camera loved her. She made my job super easy! In fact, too, easy. It was hard choosing which photos of feature in this blog post. So many great pics that I wanted to share! 

Megan plays on her high school volleyball team and also plays for a club JO (Junior Olympic) traveling team. She is committed to play volleyball for Ohio Wesleyan University next year. I hope she has an amazing rest of her senior year and wish her all the best at Ohio Wesleyan!

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Maverick ~ Downtown Wooster

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Had such a fun October photo shoot with Maverick in downtown Wooster. And, by the way, isn't Maverick such a cool name? First time I met a Maverick! As you can see, we ended up with some very cool pictures as well thanks to our downtown's unique backdrops and Maverick's style and ease in front of the camera. I loved that he dressed in a way that truly represented who he is. Loved the belt buckle, necklace, plaid shirt and boots. And loved that he brought sunglasses, a cap, and his welding helmet, too! Those things really added to the variety of looks I was able to capture! In fact, some of my favorite shots are those with his mirrored sunglasses:) And our session was late enough that I caught some twinkling alley lights in the background when he wore his cap and sunglasses, which added to the "coolness" factor. There is a self-assured confidence that came though in those shots. A Top Gun vibe! Which is very fitting for a senior named Maverick. 

As you may guess from the helmet pics, Maverick is pursuing a career in welding after high school. Outside of school, he loves to spend time with his family and friends and enjoys camping and kayaking as well as playing video and board games. Another favorite of his is riding thrill rides at amusement parks like Cedar Point. Like most of my senior guys, I don't think having his picture taken is up there in his rankings of things he likes to do! But I was so impressed with his calm and easy going manner though all my camera clicks. He was game for anything I suggested and also had a few requests for poses that he came up with--like the last pic of him standing with his helmet on which turned out beautifully. 

I wish Maverick all the best in his senior year. And I'm glad I was able to give him and his parents some "forever moments" of this all important year!

Maverick-1Maverick-1     Maverick-2Maverick-2 Maverick-3Maverick-3 Maverick-4Maverick-4 Maverick-5Maverick-5 Maverick-6Maverick-6 Maverick-7Maverick-7 Maverick-8Maverick-8 Maverick-11Maverick-11 Maverick-61Maverick-61 Maverick-62Maverick-62 Maverick-63Maverick-63   Maverick-16Maverick-16 Maverick-66Maverick-66 Maverick-68Maverick-68 Maverick-69Maverick-69 Maverick-70Maverick-70 Maverick-22Maverick-22 Maverick-74Maverick-74 Maverick-76Maverick-76 Maverick-77Maverick-77 Maverick-78Maverick-78 Maverick-79Maverick-79 Maverick-80Maverick-80 Maverick-81Maverick-81 Maverick-83Maverick-83 Maverick-84Maverick-84 Maverick-88Maverick-88

Alex ~ Oak Hill Park

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Had a lovely evening at Oak Hill Park with Alex. We lucked out with perfect weather--not too hot or too cold and still lots of greens in the background for a late summer shoot. A touch of early fall golds and oranges showed up as well!

Alex did a wonderful job during his shoot. I think most of my senior guys would rather be doing something else rather than playing model for my camera--basically they are there for their moms. I'm pretty sure the same goes for Alex, but he was so pleasant and accommodating. I enjoyed strolling around the park with Alex while I snapped away and I think he did his mama proud! I especially loved the way the close-ups and light from the setting sun showed off his striking blue green eyes. His spiffy blue plaid shirt really brought out the color of his eyes, too! 

In his spare time, Alex enjoys hunting, watching the Pittsburgh steelers, four wheeling, and traveling to new places. Come fall, Alex will be headed to welding school. I mentioned to Alex and his mom that my uncle is a welder--and has done especially well. He actually owns his own business and welds the copper piping for Heinz Ketchup. It is such a terrific field to enter! I'm sure Alex will have much success in his chosen career!

Thanks, Alex, for having me take your senior pics! I hope you and your mom have fun picking out favorite pics and that they will bring back many fond memories of your senior year. I wish you all the best as well with the next phase of your life, when you head off to learn the welding trade!

Alex Maxwell -2Alex Maxwell -2 Alex Maxwell -6Alex Maxwell -6 Alex Maxwell -7Alex Maxwell -7 Alex Maxwell -8Alex Maxwell -8 Alex Maxwell -10Alex Maxwell -10 Alex Maxwell -11Alex Maxwell -11 Alex Maxwell -13Alex Maxwell -13 Alex Maxwell -16Alex Maxwell -16 Alex Maxwell -17Alex Maxwell -17 Alex Maxwell -18Alex Maxwell -18 Alex Maxwell -19Alex Maxwell -19 Alex Maxwell -21Alex Maxwell -21 Alex Maxwell -22Alex Maxwell -22 Alex Maxwell -23Alex Maxwell -23 Alex Maxwell -29Alex Maxwell -29 Alex Maxwell -30Alex Maxwell -30 Alex Maxwell -31Alex Maxwell -31 Alex Maxwell -32Alex Maxwell -32 Alex Maxwell -33Alex Maxwell -33 Alex Maxwell -36Alex Maxwell -36 Alex Maxwell -37Alex Maxwell -37 Alex Maxwell -39Alex Maxwell -39 Alex Maxwell -42Alex Maxwell -42 Alex Maxwell -43Alex Maxwell -43

Kathrine ~ Downtown

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November sessions can have challenges for sure. And this one was quite cold and windy. In fact, it was the coldest senior photoshoot I have ever been on! I was fine, since I wore my puffy, down coat and had hand warmers in my pockets, but who wants to bundle up for senior pics? Not Kathrine! No puffy winter coat pics for her--especially since she brought such cute outfits!

Katherine was simply amazing and such a trouper, even though I imagine she was freezing! We did start off the session outside of the elements with a few industrial warehouse "elevator" shots from one of the buildings downtown--which was an idea that came from her dad, who had access to the building. Great idea, dad--those shots turned out great! But then after those few minutes spent inside, it was almost an hour and a half braving temps in the 30's. Kathrine handled the chilly, wind blown weather just beautifully. Honestly, she looks perfectly comfortable, warm, and engaging--not to mention stunning! Not sure how she pulled it off (I would have been shivering and clattering my teeth without my winter wear), but she certainly did pull it off like a pro and these pictures are proof positive. The end result is absolutely gorgeous and worth every second we spent outside wandering the downtown area. We even caught a few twinkly lights and some pretty holiday vibes with this late senior season shoot, which was a nice bonus for braving the temperamental November weather!

l love the outfits Kathrine pulled together. A nice variety of colors and looks. The unique gold dangly earrings, necklace, and white boots were perfection and photographed so well. I had fun planning out which outfits to wear for certain spots. Just adore the brown checkered skirt and cream sweater with Art-Find Tile and the stonework of the courthouse, the striped shirt and jeans in front of the beauty shop and the alley and streetscapes, the pink plaid on the plaza, and the blue sweater with the warm, glow-y window storefront and the rich brown wood backdrop! 

Kathrine is active in band, choir, and drama club at school. She is planning on majoring in Music and/or Elementary Education. Hope she has a ton of fun her senior year and I wish her the best in college life next year! 

Thanks, Kathrine, for asking me to be your senior photographer! It was a pleasure spending the afternoon clicking away with you in my viewfinder! I couldn't be happier with the way the session turned out and I hope these cold weather pics warm your heart in the years to come!

KS-2-2KS-2-2 KS-4-2KS-4-2 KS-5-3KS-5-3 KS-7KS-7 KS-11KS-11 KS-12KS-12 KS-14KS-14 KS-15KS-15 KS-16KS-16 KS-18KS-18 KS-19KS-19 KS-22KS-22 KS-28KS-28 KS-32KS-32 KS-35KS-35   KS-42KS-42   KS-43KS-43 KS-50KS-50 KS-52KS-52 KS-54KS-54 KS-55KS-55 KS-57KS-57 KS-58KS-58 KS-60KS-60 KS-61KS-61 KS-69KS-69 KS-70KS-70 KS-75KS-75 KS-77KS-77 KS-80-3KS-80-3




Delmar ~ Downtown

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When Delmar's mom contacted me, I was almost fully booked for October and had only one weekend spot left. I have to say, I'm sooooo happy that Delmar was able to take that spot! Just had such a terrific time with him as my subject. Doesn't he give off "Rock Star" vibes? Something about the hair, sneakers, and sweater with a dark jacket combo all worked together to create the neatest mood for the camera. Though Delmar does not play the electric guitar in a rock band, it seems he has a bit of charming, young Mick Jagger/Tom Petty charisma that the camera couldn't help but capture! 

Delmar had chosen a downtown Wooster setting and I think it went perfectly with his rock star looks and with what he wore. I was a very happy photographer snapping away! I love that I can use some of the same city backdrops for my seniors, but depending upon who I have in front of my camera, it gives off a totally different feeling and look. With Delmar the photos turned out Cool with a capital C! 

Usually, I get my clients from word of mouth by seniors or their moms-- or in some cases online searches for area photographers. In this case, I need to thank my husband. He knows Delmar's mom and happened to mention to her that I take senior portraits! So glad he made the mention as I love the way the session turned out. A photographer always gets an immense sense of satisfaction in showing off great pics, and Delmar's certainly fits that bill! He was wonderful to photograph and I'm super happy to be able to share these awesome images on my blog:)

Delmar is a cross country runner at school, loves to to go biking, and enjoys video games. He is hoping to attend Akron University in the fall. I wish him all the best in his last year of high school and a great transition to college life after graduation. And I hope these pictures will be treasured by him and his family in the years to come. A forever reminder of a Cool young man with a capital C! 

Thanks so much, Delmar, for including me and my camera in your senior year! As clients go, you are definitely a rock star!

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