Emily ~ Barnes Preserve

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I had the honor of photographing Emily's sister when I was first starting out as a senior photographer. Now, three years later, it's Emily's turn turn for senior photos! It is neat to have families as repeat clients. It always makes me happy that they loved the older siblings photos enough to book me again for the younger ones! And I've known her family for a long time. I remember seeing her as a little pre-schooler with her sister at Wayne Center for the Arts and chatting with her mom as we sat in the waiting area for dance classes. Later, I got to know her family better as our paths continued to cross. So I've had the chance to watch her grow up, which made being her senior photographer extra delightful!

We shot the session at the Barnes Preserve. I have never visited the Barnes Preserve before, but was happy to oblige with the location request as it holds a special meaning for Emily. Emily loves to run and it is her favorite place to go when she does her running workout. It is certainly a beautiful setting for a run, with both an open field and also wooded paths, along with a pond and overlook. It was beautiful for photography, too, and I'm glad I got the chance to bring my camera there and capture Emily in her element! I enjoyed the preserve so much, that I plan to return soon to do workouts of my own--though that involves walking and not running, like Emily. Walking is more my pace--ha!

Our shoot began in the morning hours. It was cloudy when I first started clicking away, but before long the sun came out with a strong, bright "hello there" greeting! Luckily, we found a few shaded areas near the wild plants that grew along the path, which provided pretty backdrops and relief from squinting. But it wasn't long before the sun was unrelenting, and so I had Emily lead the way to a path in the woods, where shady areas abound. Emily started off the session with a cool black leather jacket look and then changed into her usual attire she wears to the Barnes Preserve--her running clothes! The pink color fade running shirt looked great and really popped among all the greens and accentuated her striking dark brown eyes. I think senior outfits should truly represent who the senior is and be something they are comfortable wearing. If a senior is uncomfortable, or doesn't feel like themselves, it sort of defeats the reason for senior photos! We are capturing a significant moment in time, after all:) I think Emily's beautiful pics are a fitting tribute to who she is and I hope she loves them and the moments I captured. Moments that are not fleeting that disappear, but that will live on in the form of a photograph to be enjoyed, well, forever!  

Emily is currently taking online college classes for her senior year of schooling, so she has a head start on those college credits! She would like to study business. I adored spending time with Emily at the Barnes Preserve. A lovely setting and a lovely senior! 

EmilyS-2EmilyS-2 EmilyS-6EmilyS-6 EmilyS-9EmilyS-9 EmilyS-10-3EmilyS-10-3 EmilyS-11EmilyS-11 EmilyS-12EmilyS-12 EmilyS-14EmilyS-14 EmilyS-16EmilyS-16 EmilyS-17EmilyS-17 EmilyS-19EmilyS-19 EmilyS-24EmilyS-24 EmilyS-25EmilyS-25 EmilyS-26EmilyS-26 EmilyS-22EmilyS-22 EmilyS-28EmilyS-28 EmilyS-31EmilyS-31 EmilyS-32EmilyS-32    EmilyS-38EmilyS-38 EmilyS-34EmilyS-34 EmilyS-40EmilyS-40 EmilyS-41EmilyS-41 EmilyS-42EmilyS-42 EmilyS-48EmilyS-48 EmilyS-49EmilyS-49 EmilyS-51EmilyS-51 EmilyS-50EmilyS-50    EmilyS-52EmilyS-52    EmilyS-59EmilyS-59 EmilyS-60EmilyS-60 EmilyS-58EmilyS-58



Eleanor ~ Downtown Ashland

August 15, 2022  •  2 Comments

When Eleanor's mom asked me if I'd be willing to travel to downtown Ashland for a shoot, my answer was an excited "YES!" I love the challenge and discovery of a new setting for pics. Ashland did not disappoint and neither did Eleanor! In fact, they were the perfect, beautiful combination. It was a hot evening (like real feel 90!), but Eleanor kept her cool and and I think I can safely say we both had a lot of fun that evening exploring all the terrific and quirky backdrops Ashland has to offer. In just a few blocks we had colorful murals, sidewalk scapes, alleys which had the most dreamy lighting, twinkling lights, gray brick walls, a barbie-ish pink door, black iron railings, a green astroturf park, and we even had a lion which Eleanor playfully posed with--ROAR!

Love, love, loved Eleanor's sparkly jacket, especially with the mural backdrop. Eleanor's personality was just as spunky and sparkly as her jacket. Sometimes she would just bubble over and be silly and I adore those impromptu pics. Honestly, looking through her photo gallery just makes me SMILE! But she also nailed her serious looks--just gorgeous. The green sweater/pink print skirt worked so well with the pink door and gray bricks and the orange and cream dress just flowed so wonderfully with the reddish orange brick alley, dark brown bridge with lights in the background, and yellow railing. I couldn't be more pleased with the way her outfits complimented the backdrops. But, of course, it was Eleanor who was the star of the show! Sometimes as I was clicking away, I just knew  everything was coming together and I would start shouting "Oh, my gosh!" and geek out a bit. Eleanor and her mom couldn't help but laugh at my outbursts of excitement, but I think her pics are certainly worthy of a whoop and holler!

Eleanor is quite a busy young woman. She is Captain of the AHS Sweet Sixteen Dance team, President of Acapella Choir, performs with Sing N Swing and ArrowDynamics, and plays violin in the AHS Orchestra. She has also been a cast member in the AHS Musical each year since Freshman year, is a Girl Scout Ambassador, a member of National Honor Society, and Tri-M. We are planning a fall shoot as well with a nature inspired backdrop and I'm looking forward to capturing more beautiful pics of Eleanor with the warms tones of autumn in the background! I wish her the best in what sounds to be a whirlwind senior year before she transitions to college life. I have a feeling she is going to savor every moment!

EM-2EM-2 EM-4EM-4 Eleanor Merkel-7-2Eleanor Merkel-7-2 EM-6EM-6 EM-11EM-11 EM-12EM-12 EM-13EM-13 EM-14EM-14 EM-15EM-15 EM-16EM-16 EM-18EM-18 EM-22EM-22 EM-27EM-27 EM-28EM-28 EM-30EM-30 EM-31EM-31 EM-33EM-33 EM-35EM-35 EM-39EM-39 EM-40EM-40 EM-42EM-42 EM-43EM-43 EM-44EM-44 EM-47EM-47 EM-50EM-50 EM-52EM-52 EM-55EM-55 EM-56EM-56   EM-57EM-57 EM-60EM-60




Ethan ~ Arboretum

August 09, 2022  •  1 Comment

I had a great evening at the arboretum with Ethan. The weather was warm, but thankfully not too hot and the lighting was wonderful. Ethan's mother mentioned he was not exactly jumping for joy over a photo shoot. But despite him not being super enthused, he handled the session with flying colors. I really enjoyed working with him--he was such a nice, pleasant young man and agreeable to whatever I suggested! He also ended up being quite photogenic, as you can see, too! It was hard to decide which photos to feature in this blog post! There were all terrific. I think he did a fabulous job putting outfits together to give a nice variety of looks. His mom mentioned he was a casual kid, but I think he looks quite snazzy in all his choices. I always advise seniors to dress in something they are comfortable in that they really like and represents who they are in this short burst of time in their lives. Though casual, Ethan looked very put together and handsome! If a suit and tie look is something a senior would enjoy--go for it! But you can also have a wonderful variety with more everyday clothes. And I have to say, I especially love the pink hoodie ones! A nice pop of color among all the greens of the arboretum!

Ethan plays saxophone in marching band and is currently doing a summer internship with Wooster City Schools technology department. He would like to study computer science after he graduates. I wish him all the best his senior year and appreciate being a part of it! It was great having him on the other side of the camera. Ethan, you were awesome to photograph and I'm so glad you made your mom happy by having senior portraits done! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture what you were like at this stage of your life and I hope you and your family enjoy these photos for years to come!

Ethan Reusser-1Ethan Reusser-1 Ethan Reusser-2-3Ethan Reusser-2-3 Ethan Reusser-4-5Ethan Reusser-4-5 Ethan Reusser-5-3Ethan Reusser-5-3 Ethan Reusser-6Ethan Reusser-6 Ethan Reusser-7Ethan Reusser-7    Ethan Reusser-12Ethan Reusser-12 Ethan Reusser-10Ethan Reusser-10 Ethan Reusser-15-2Ethan Reusser-15-2 Ethan Reusser-18Ethan Reusser-18 Ethan Reusser -19Ethan Reusser -19 Ethan Reusser-20-3Ethan Reusser-20-3 Ethan Reusser-21Ethan Reusser-21 Ethan Reusser-22-2Ethan Reusser-22-2 Ethan Reusser-25Ethan Reusser-25 Ethan Reusser-26-2Ethan Reusser-26-2 Ethan Reusser-27Ethan Reusser-27 Ethan Reusser-28Ethan Reusser-28 Ethan Reusser-29Ethan Reusser-29 Ethan Reusser-30Ethan Reusser-30 Ethan Reusser 31-4Ethan Reusser 31-4 Ethan Reusser-32Ethan Reusser-32 Ethan Reusser-34Ethan Reusser-34 Ethan Reusser-39Ethan Reusser-39 Ethan Reusser-40Ethan Reusser-40 Ethan Reusser-41Ethan Reusser-41



Nathan ~ Downtown

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When I was contacted about a November senior session for Nathan, I was thinking it would be a sweater and coat shoot, with me shivering as I clicked away. But we ended up with the very last warm day of fall. The sun was shining brightly and temperatures reached the low 60's! It could not have been planned more beautifully. No sweater or heavy coat needed for Nathan and I was comfortable in my role as photographer without bundling up.

Nathan brought a nice variety of clothes, from dressy to casual. We started the shoot with Nathan looking quite dashing in his tie, dress shirt, and blue dress pants. Not long after the session started, I had a spur of the moment inspiration to drag a nearby chair into an open space and I'm happy I went with that spur of the moment idea. Sometimes trying something new works and sometimes it doesn't, but this worked out wonderfully. I loved the end result! I also loved the way the colors he wore paired with the tried and true backdrop of the Artfind Tile storefront. It is a gorgeous backdrop, which I use a lot, but very busy and can clash if you are not wearing something complimentary. Nathan's look nailed it. Next up was a more casual look and I think the light denim jacket/hoody with his black t-shirt really popped in the photos. Another great clothing choice Nathan made:) There were really so many terrific shots of Nathan that I took from the heart of the city square, that it was hard for me to get down to manageable amount to share on this blog! We ended his senior session by moving to an off street alleyway and with Nathan wearing a long sleeve t-shirt paying tribute to the college he will be attending--Moravian College--where he will be playing soccer. I am a big fan of at least taking a few pics with college apparel. They make great photos for graduation announcements!

I really enjoyed my time with Nathan. He was so polite and accommodating. And it is always great to know the family a little bit as well. I took his sister Violette's senior photos a couple years ago and she was a awesome to work with as well! Besides being an accomplished soccer player, Nathan also plays percussion in band. I'm glad he found time for senior pics in his busy schedule and I'm also glad I was asked to take the pictures. It is hard to describe the fulfillment I get out of creating forever memories of young adults who are soon to be transitioning to life after high school. It is such a special time for them and for their families. I'm just grateful to be a part of it and that the images will not be fleeting, but something that will be appreciated and looked at for years to come. So thank you to Nathan and his family for allowing me to be a part of Nathan's journey! I hope he has a wonderful rest of his senior year and wish him much success in college life and a bright future ahead! 

Nathan Bonvallet-1Nathan Bonvallet-1 Nathan Bonvallet-7-4Nathan Bonvallet-7-4 Nathan Bonvallet-10-4Nathan Bonvallet-10-4 Nathan Bonvallet-11Nathan Bonvallet-11 Nathan Bonvallet-13-3Nathan Bonvallet-13-3 Nathan Bonvallet-15-3Nathan Bonvallet-15-3 Nathan Bonvallet-17Nathan Bonvallet-17 Nathan Bonvallet-19-2Nathan Bonvallet-19-2 Nathan Bonvallet-20Nathan Bonvallet-20 Nathan Bonvallet-22Nathan Bonvallet-22 Nathan Bonvallet-24Nathan Bonvallet-24 Nathan Bonvallet-25Nathan Bonvallet-25 Nathan Bonvallet-27Nathan Bonvallet-27 Nathan Bonvallet-30Nathan Bonvallet-30 Nathan Bonvallet-32Nathan Bonvallet-32 Nathan Bonvallet-34Nathan Bonvallet-34 Nathan Bonvallet-35-2Nathan Bonvallet-35-2 Nathan Bonvallet-37-2Nathan Bonvallet-37-2 Nathan Bonvallet-40-2Nathan Bonvallet-40-2 Nathan Bonvallet-41-2Nathan Bonvallet-41-2 Nathan Bonvallet-43Nathan Bonvallet-43 Nathan Bonvallet-44Nathan Bonvallet-44 Nathan Bonvallet-45Nathan Bonvallet-45 Nathan Bonvallet-47Nathan Bonvallet-47 Nathan Bonvallet-49Nathan Bonvallet-49 Nathan Bonvallet-51Nathan Bonvallet-51 Nathan Bonvallet-54Nathan Bonvallet-54 Nathan Bonvallet-55Nathan Bonvallet-55 Nathan Bonvallet-57Nathan Bonvallet-57 Nathan Bonvallet-60Nathan Bonvallet-60

Andrew ~ Arboretum

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I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew's sister, Anna, last year and she was so much fun to work with, that I was, of course, excited for this photoshoot as well! And Andrew did not disappoint:) He was such a good sport about all the posing requests and, as I told his mom, pretty darn photogenic to boot, which always makes my job a breeze! The main problem I had was that even though it was an evening shoot, the sun happened to be harsh and super strong. Not vey many big puffy clouds for the sun to hide behind, so I had to find shady spots that wouldn't make him squint! Luckily, with the trees and bushes at the arboretum, we were able to find areas that helped soften the overabundance of light streaming through. And towards the end of the session we were able to capture a few "golden hour" shots in the warm glow of the setting sun. Funny story--while the lowering sun rays surrounded Andrew in the last few snaps of the camera, I had him sweep his hair back off his forehead. I actually gasped when I looked through the viewfinder. I swore a young Leonardo Diccaprio from his Titanic days had time traveled back and sat before me! "Oh, my gosh, you look just like Leonardo Dicaprio" I couldn't help but scream. Andrew laughed and said he had heard that before. So no, I hadn't lost my mind. I was not seeing the ghost of Leonardo past. It truly was Andrew. Check out the last two pics and see if you see the resemblance as well!

All in all, I think we were able to get a good variety of backdrops, despite the strong sun, and it helped, too, that Andrew brought some shirt changes, which also added in creating a nice mixture of options. Andrew is quite handsome with his serious "look", but also has such charming smile. Some people photograph better one way or the other, but he wears both expressions exceedingly well! 

Saying Andrew is a busy young man is an understatement. He has had an impressive high school career as a talented student athlete--varsity letterman and state competitor in swimming 3 years in a row, varsity goalie/keeper in soccer, and varsity letterman and team captain in lacrosse. He's also an honor roll student, member of SALT (student, athlete, leadership team) and played in Symphonic Band (trombone). He is planning on continuing the sport of lacrosse in college. I wish him much success and am so happy I was able to take his senior photos!  

Andrew Glasgow-3-2Andrew Glasgow-3-2 Andrew Glasgow-2-3Andrew Glasgow-2-3 Andrew Glasgow-4-3Andrew Glasgow-4-3       Andrew Glasgow-5-2Andrew Glasgow-5-2 Andrew Glasgow-6Andrew Glasgow-6 Andrew Glasgow-8-2Andrew Glasgow-8-2 Andrew Glasgow-9-2Andrew Glasgow-9-2 Andrew Glasgow-10-2Andrew Glasgow-10-2 Andrew Glasgow-11-2Andrew Glasgow-11-2 Andrew Glasgow-12-2Andrew Glasgow-12-2   Andrew Glasgow-15-2Andrew Glasgow-15-2 Andrew Glasgow-14-2Andrew Glasgow-14-2   Andrew Glasgow-19-5Andrew Glasgow-19-5   Andrew Glasgow-22-2Andrew Glasgow-22-2   Andrew Glasgow-18-4Andrew Glasgow-18-4   Andrew Glasgow-17-2Andrew Glasgow-17-2 Andrew Glasgow-23-2Andrew Glasgow-23-2 Andrew Glasgow-24-2Andrew Glasgow-24-2 Andrew Glasgow-25-2Andrew Glasgow-25-2 Andrew Glasgow-26-2Andrew Glasgow-26-2 Andrew Glasgow-28-2Andrew Glasgow-28-2 Andrew Glasgow-30Andrew Glasgow-30 Andrew Glasgow-31-2Andrew Glasgow-31-2     Andrew Glasgow-33-3Andrew Glasgow-33-3   Andrew Glasgow-34-4Andrew Glasgow-34-4 Andrew Glasgow-35-3Andrew Glasgow-35-3 Andrew Glasgow-36-3Andrew Glasgow-36-3 Andrew Glasgow-37-3Andrew Glasgow-37-3  

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