Marlane Kennedy Photography: Blog en-us (C) Marlane Kennedy Photography (Marlane Kennedy Photography) Fri, 31 May 2024 08:24:00 GMT Fri, 31 May 2024 08:24:00 GMT Megan ~ Arboretum and Downtown Wooster Megan's handsome brother was one of my first seniors that I photographed. Now, years later, it'a her turn! It was a bit of a bumpy start--we had couple of October sessions for Megan that were scheduled that had to be cancelled. One due to a conflict with Megan's schedule and another due to rainy weather. So it ended up being a November photo shoot. Was a bit worried because November can be cold! But as luck would have it, it was a comfortable and unseasonably warm day! No shivering or chattering teeth, thank goodness! So glad it all worked out and as you can see, the end result was more than worth the delays!

Megan choose to split the session between Secrest Arboretum and downtown Wooster. A nature vibe and an urban vibe! Megan certainly was a beautiful subject for both settings. She is a gorgeous gal for sure and the camera loved her. She made my job super easy! In fact, too, easy. It was hard choosing which photos of feature in this blog post. So many great pics that I wanted to share! 

Megan plays on her high school volleyball team and also plays for a club JO (Junior Olympic) traveling team. She is committed to play volleyball for Ohio Wesleyan University next year. I hope she has an amazing rest of her senior year and wish her all the best at Ohio Wesleyan!

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Maverick ~ Downtown Wooster Had such a fun October photo shoot with Maverick in downtown Wooster. And, by the way, isn't Maverick such a cool name? First time I met a Maverick! As you can see, we ended up with some very cool pictures as well thanks to our downtown's unique backdrops and Maverick's style and ease in front of the camera. I loved that he dressed in a way that truly represented who he is. Loved the belt buckle, necklace, plaid shirt and boots. And loved that he brought sunglasses, a cap, and his welding helmet, too! Those things really added to the variety of looks I was able to capture! In fact, some of my favorite shots are those with his mirrored sunglasses:) And our session was late enough that I caught some twinkling alley lights in the background when he wore his cap and sunglasses, which added to the "coolness" factor. There is a self-assured confidence that came though in those shots. A Top Gun vibe! Which is very fitting for a senior named Maverick. 

As you may guess from the helmet pics, Maverick is pursuing a career in welding after high school. Outside of school, he loves to spend time with his family and friends and enjoys camping and kayaking as well as playing video and board games. Another favorite of his is riding thrill rides at amusement parks like Cedar Point. Like most of my senior guys, I don't think having his picture taken is up there in his rankings of things he likes to do! But I was so impressed with his calm and easy going manner though all my camera clicks. He was game for anything I suggested and also had a few requests for poses that he came up with--like the last pic of him standing with his helmet on which turned out beautifully. 

I wish Maverick all the best in his senior year. And I'm glad I was able to give him and his parents some "forever moments" of this all important year!

Maverick-1Maverick-1     Maverick-2Maverick-2 Maverick-3Maverick-3 Maverick-4Maverick-4 Maverick-5Maverick-5 Maverick-6Maverick-6 Maverick-7Maverick-7 Maverick-8Maverick-8 Maverick-11Maverick-11 Maverick-61Maverick-61 Maverick-62Maverick-62 Maverick-63Maverick-63   Maverick-16Maverick-16 Maverick-66Maverick-66 Maverick-68Maverick-68 Maverick-69Maverick-69 Maverick-70Maverick-70 Maverick-22Maverick-22 Maverick-74Maverick-74 Maverick-76Maverick-76 Maverick-77Maverick-77 Maverick-78Maverick-78 Maverick-79Maverick-79 Maverick-80Maverick-80 Maverick-81Maverick-81 Maverick-83Maverick-83 Maverick-84Maverick-84 Maverick-88Maverick-88

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Alex ~ Oak Hill Park Had a lovely evening at Oak Hill Park with Alex. We lucked out with perfect weather--not too hot or too cold and still lots of greens in the background for a late summer shoot. A touch of early fall golds and oranges showed up as well!

Alex did a wonderful job during his shoot. I think most of my senior guys would rather be doing something else rather than playing model for my camera--basically they are there for their moms. I'm pretty sure the same goes for Alex, but he was so pleasant and accommodating. I enjoyed strolling around the park with Alex while I snapped away and I think he did his mama proud! I especially loved the way the close-ups and light from the setting sun showed off his striking blue green eyes. His spiffy blue plaid shirt really brought out the color of his eyes, too! 

In his spare time, Alex enjoys hunting, watching the Pittsburgh steelers, four wheeling, and traveling to new places. Come fall, Alex will be headed to welding school. I mentioned to Alex and his mom that my uncle is a welder--and has done especially well. He actually owns his own business and welds the copper piping for Heinz Ketchup. It is such a terrific field to enter! I'm sure Alex will have much success in his chosen career!

Thanks, Alex, for having me take your senior pics! I hope you and your mom have fun picking out favorite pics and that they will bring back many fond memories of your senior year. I wish you all the best as well with the next phase of your life, when you head off to learn the welding trade!

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Kathrine ~ Downtown November sessions can have challenges for sure. And this one was quite cold and windy. In fact, it was the coldest senior photoshoot I have ever been on! I was fine, since I wore my puffy, down coat and had hand warmers in my pockets, but who wants to bundle up for senior pics? Not Kathrine! No puffy winter coat pics for her--especially since she brought such cute outfits!

Katherine was simply amazing and such a trouper, even though I imagine she was freezing! We did start off the session outside of the elements with a few industrial warehouse "elevator" shots from one of the buildings downtown--which was an idea that came from her dad, who had access to the building. Great idea, dad--those shots turned out great! But then after those few minutes spent inside, it was almost an hour and a half braving temps in the 30's. Kathrine handled the chilly, wind blown weather just beautifully. Honestly, she looks perfectly comfortable, warm, and engaging--not to mention stunning! Not sure how she pulled it off (I would have been shivering and clattering my teeth without my winter wear), but she certainly did pull it off like a pro and these pictures are proof positive. The end result is absolutely gorgeous and worth every second we spent outside wandering the downtown area. We even caught a few twinkly lights and some pretty holiday vibes with this late senior season shoot, which was a nice bonus for braving the temperamental November weather!

l love the outfits Kathrine pulled together. A nice variety of colors and looks. The unique gold dangly earrings, necklace, and white boots were perfection and photographed so well. I had fun planning out which outfits to wear for certain spots. Just adore the brown checkered skirt and cream sweater with Art-Find Tile and the stonework of the courthouse, the striped shirt and jeans in front of the beauty shop and the alley and streetscapes, the pink plaid on the plaza, and the blue sweater with the warm, glow-y window storefront and the rich brown wood backdrop! 

Kathrine is active in band, choir, and drama club at school. She is planning on majoring in Music and/or Elementary Education. Hope she has a ton of fun her senior year and I wish her the best in college life next year! 

Thanks, Kathrine, for asking me to be your senior photographer! It was a pleasure spending the afternoon clicking away with you in my viewfinder! I couldn't be happier with the way the session turned out and I hope these cold weather pics warm your heart in the years to come!

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Delmar ~ Downtown When Delmar's mom contacted me, I was almost fully booked for October and had only one weekend spot left. I have to say, I'm sooooo happy that Delmar was able to take that spot! Just had such a terrific time with him as my subject. Doesn't he give off "Rock Star" vibes? Something about the hair, sneakers, and sweater with a dark jacket combo all worked together to create the neatest mood for the camera. Though Delmar does not play the electric guitar in a rock band, it seems he has a bit of charming, young Mick Jagger/Tom Petty charisma that the camera couldn't help but capture! 

Delmar had chosen a downtown Wooster setting and I think it went perfectly with his rock star looks and with what he wore. I was a very happy photographer snapping away! I love that I can use some of the same city backdrops for my seniors, but depending upon who I have in front of my camera, it gives off a totally different feeling and look. With Delmar the photos turned out Cool with a capital C! 

Usually, I get my clients from word of mouth by seniors or their moms-- or in some cases online searches for area photographers. In this case, I need to thank my husband. He knows Delmar's mom and happened to mention to her that I take senior portraits! So glad he made the mention as I love the way the session turned out. A photographer always gets an immense sense of satisfaction in showing off great pics, and Delmar's certainly fits that bill! He was wonderful to photograph and I'm super happy to be able to share these awesome images on my blog:)

Delmar is a cross country runner at school, loves to to go biking, and enjoys video games. He is hoping to attend Akron University in the fall. I wish him all the best in his last year of high school and a great transition to college life after graduation. And I hope these pictures will be treasured by him and his family in the years to come. A forever reminder of a Cool young man with a capital C! 

Thanks so much, Delmar, for including me and my camera in your senior year! As clients go, you are definitely a rock star!

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Lanie ~ Downtown and Arboretum It is beautiful, beautiful Lanie's turn in the senior spotlight! I was super excited when her mom contacted me to do her senior session. Partly because her older sister was one of my first clients and I loved her photos so much. It really gave me the confidence I could do this! But also, with the honor of being Ballet Wooster's show photographer for the past 6 years, I have captured many gorgeous images of Lanie on stage as a ballerina. So I already knew this girl was photogenic and would be a stunner in her senior pics. And, boy, was I right!

Lanie chose a double session, which meant we could easily work in a shoot at two different locations. First up was an urban flair with downtown Wooster. The purple jumper and orange high-waisted, pleated pants looked so adorable on her! Flattering colors that pop! We had a Saturday shoot and I was a little worried downtown would be busy (usually I like to do downtown shoots on Sunday when businesses are closed), but thankfully it really wasn't a problem at all! Did some favorite poses, but also tried some new things, like having her sit on the edge of a row of meter readers. Doesn't sound like a great backdrop, but turned out super cool! I also came across an amazing tall green potted plant with huge elephant ear sized leaves. The big splashes of deep green looked terrific with her orange pants--such a great color combo! I'm sorry to say with the colder weather, that plant is now gone, but I hope that it makes a return appearance again next year when it warms up again. I'd love to do some more pics with it as a backdrop! Anyway, I think I could have spent a whole hour photographing her with that plant, but time was ticking! We still had to go to her second location before sunset, so I tore myself away for a few classic downtown pics in front of Artfind Tile and then we hopped in our respective cars and headed to Secrest Arboretum.

Lanie brought some great outfits as well for the nature inspired part of the shoot. She did a mix of dressy and casual--a cute flower print dress and jeans with a sweater and t-shirt. I love the bright summer flowers at the arboretum, but fall is equally beautiful with its warm and rich tones! Gorgeous backdrop for a gorgeous girl for sure! I honestly can't say if I like Lanie's downtown or the arboretum images better! Just thrilled with how both turned out! With a double session, clients get many more photo files, and I don't envy her mom in trying to pick out favorites to print. It was next to impossible for me to try to pick some out to feature for this blog post! But how fun is it to have all those beautiful images as a forever keepsake? 

Lanie keeps a very full calendar. She has danced ballet for 14 years, enjoys volunteering within her community, and takes challenging classes as part of the International Baccalaureate Program, where she has earned a spot on honor roll all four years. She is the communication coordinator for her school's Green Club (a club that promotes recycling and sustainability) and is a member of her school's NAACP chapter. She also enjoyed being on the tennis team for the first time as a senior!

Lanie, you are such a natural in front of the camera. Couldn't have asked for a lovelier subject. Is it possible for a camera to fall in love? Because I think mine did! So happy to have been your senior photographer and so proud to share these dazzling images! Hope you have the most wonderful year ahead as you finish high school and go off to a bright and shiny future at college!

LM-1LM-1 LM-7LM-7 LM-9LM-9 LM-17LM-17 LM-18LM-18 LM-19LM-19 LM-22LM-22 LM-24LM-24 LM-27LM-27 LM-29LM-29 LM-34LM-34 LM-36LM-36 LM-38LM-38 LM-40LM-40 LM-47LM-47 LM-50LM-50 LM-51LM-51 LM-54LM-54 LM-55LM-55 LM-58LM-58 LM-59LM-59 LM-60LM-60 LM-66LM-66 LM-67LM-67 LM-70LM-70 LM-84LM-84 LM-91LM-91 LM-95LM-95 LM-96LM-96 LM-99-2LM-99-2 LM-100LM-100









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Chayton ~ Arboretum I have known Chayton's family for a long time. My daughter and his sister grew up doing ballet together and became friends and I also became friends with his sweet mom! Two years ago, I took his sister Neena's senior pics (she is now attending college at Dartmouth) and now it is finally his turn to do a stint in front of the camera! 

Chayton chose the arboretum as his setting and it ended up being an overcast day. No sun peeking out at all. But I have to say photographers do love cloudy days! There are certain spots at the arboretum that just don't work until close to sunset and I have to plan around that. But this time I had the freedom to go wherever I wanted without regard to dapples on the face, squinting, or harsh shadows. The lighting was dreamy! And Chayton was a dreamy subject. My senior boys have had their hair game going on lately and Chayton was no exception to this trend! Those dark curls were amazing! And I loved his quirky, color block polo oxford shirt! We stopped by my favorite spots while I clicked away (the pond, the stone table, the amphitheater) and then as we moseyed onward, I came across two bushes close together. One with huge blooms of dark pink and one with blooms of light pink. I stopped in my tracks. "Do you think this is too much? Too overwhelming of a backdrop? Too pink?" I asked his mom. His mom wasn't sure, and Chayton wasn't sure, either, but he was very willing to stop and pose for a minute if I wanted. So I thought what the heck, what would it hurt to take a few snaps before we move on?  I just had this hunch it would be beautiful paired with his dark hair and pastel colored shirt and, wow, I'm so glad I followed my hunch. Those pics ended up being some of my favorites! They are striking, not just because of the flowers, but because of the handsome dude I had on the other side of the camera! Those bold flowers did not overwhelm my subject at all. They complimented him. We were lucky to catch the last of those blooms, too. A week later when I came back they were gone and withered away. 

We also visited a spot I have never taken pictures at before. When Chayton was little and his family visited the arboretum, he used to run and hide under a "weeping" tree with long, drooping, viney branches. His mom asked if we could take a few photos there and I was totally onboard with that idea! I love encorporating childhood memories into shoots. I did the same with his sister when she had her shoot at the arboretum. There are family pics of her as a child sitting on a rock by a patch of daisies and I was able to get some gorgeous shots of her in that same exact place as well! Anyway, Chayton had changed to a really pretty shade of blue sweatshirt by then, and the cascading branches with green leaves tinging yellow and orange made such a perfect backdrop! I can just imagine little Chayton dashing underneath those branches to his secret hiding spot!

Grown-up Chayton ended up doing a great job for the camera. His mom admitted he wasn't jumping up and down with excitement over the thought of senior pictures (a very common story I hear from parents of boys!), but we managed to have a bit of fun and laughs during the shoot and I think he discovered it wasn't a bad way to spend an hour. Though I imagine he was probably happy and relieved once I clicked my final shot, the end result was certainly worth it! One day when he is my age, I hope he looks back fondly on his senior pictures. Images of a handsome young man about to go off on the journey of adulthood, not knowing the story that will play out or the twists and turns in store. Who knows where the future will lead, but I'm sure Chayton will accomplish many wonderful things! 

Chayton loves mountain biking, cycling, and the great outdoors as well as E sports. He is planning on exploring Environmental Science and Engineering when he goes off to college in the fall. He is really looking forward to making new discoveries and friends during his college years. I wish him the best! I'm lucky to know his lovely family and am sure his mom will keep me posted as he makes his college decisions. Exciting times ahead! 

Thanks, Chayton, for including me in your senior year! There are plans for a mountain bike shoot in the spring and I'm looking forward to having you in my viewfinder again before you ride off to your next big adventure in life!

Chay Shell-2Chay Shell-2 Chay Shell-7Chay Shell-7 Chay Shell-10Chay Shell-10 Chay Shell-13Chay Shell-13 Chay Shell-26-7Chay Shell-26-7 Chay Shell-28Chay Shell-28 Chay Shell-27-7Chay Shell-27-7 Chay Shell-32-2Chay Shell-32-2 Chay Shell-43Chay Shell-43 Chay Shell-53-2Chay Shell-53-2 Chay Shell-58Chay Shell-58 Chay Shell-62Chay Shell-62 Chay Shell-65-3Chay Shell-65-3 Chay Shell-68Chay Shell-68

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Logan ~ Arboretum Logan's is an outdoorsy young man and so the setting of choice ended up being Secrest Arboretum. His mom told me that she had her senior pictures taken at the arboretum and I thought that was pretty neat. Mother and son had their senior portraits taken at the same place! I think this was a first for me as a photographer:) 

Originally, Logan had told his mom that he did not want or need senior pictures taken. But when he found out it was important to his mama's heart, he relented and agreed. What a good son! And he was such a great sport during the session--so polite and pleasant. He listened to any instructions I gave and followed through wonderfully, with the end result being lots of terrific photos! He did his mama proud, I am sure. And after all is said and done, I hope he is happy that he spent an hour posing as a model while I snapped away. He will always have documentation of this important time in his life. When I was a senior (way back in the early 80's) senior photos were simple studio head shots and nothing more. Everyone with the same few poses and the exact same solid gray backdrop. Wish I could have had a cool setting and more variety to capture who I was at the time! Love how things have changed since then--senior photos have so much more personality and creativity! It certainly adds to the fun of being a photographer, too:)

But anyway, back to the shoot! It was a late October day and many of the trees had dropped their leaves, but bursts of rich and warm fall colors still dotted the landscape. I think we were lucky enough to catch the tail end of fall colors being displayed. I know his mom was really looking forward to a fall colors shoot and so I was happy nature graciously accommodated her wishes. A week later and there would not have been the golds, oranges, and reds in the background. It was also warm for the end of fall--in the lower 60's. So no shivering and Logan did just fine in his plaid flannel shirt and burgundy t-shirt without needing to bundle up. I've had a few cold shoots late in the season in years past, but this evening was quite comfortable!

As we strolled the various paths at the arboretum, I asked Logan what his plans were for after graduation. He told me he will be attending welding school. I mentioned welding was a solid and much needed career choice! My uncle and cousin are welders and have done exceedingly well. Logan attends Triway High School where he plays a tuba in marching band and participats in FFA. He also is very active in 4-H as a member of the Clinton Lads 'n Lassies group. In the past, he has taken practically every animal there is to the fair, including his rabbit and chickens! He has also done woodworking projects. I am very fond of 4-H as I used to show dairy cattle as I was growing up and now my nieces show pigs at their fair. Just a wonderful way to be active and involved and to grow and learn!

Logan, hope you have a great senior year and I wish you all the best in welding school! Thank you for allowing me to click my way to these wonderful images!

LB-1LB-1 LB-2LB-2 LB-3LB-3 LB-4LB-4 LB-6LB-6 LB-8LB-8 LB-11LB-11 LB-12LB-12 LB-13LB-13 LB-15LB-15 LB-18LB-18 LB-19LB-19 LB-21LB-21 LB-23-2LB-23-2 LB-24LB-24 LB-25LB-25 LB-26LB-26 LB-27LB-27 LB-28-2LB-28-2 LB-29LB-29 LB-30LB-30 LB-31LB-31 LB-32LB-32 LB-33LB-33 LB-34LB-34  

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Olivia ~ Arboretum So this was an extra special session. Olivia's mom and dad are wonderful high school teachers and one or the other or both taught my three now grown up kiddos! So lucky to have had them as teachers. They really are the best! Her dad is also involved with community theatre and is now the teacher leading high school drama club and, with my daughter's involvement in theatre, our paths have crossed that way as well. In fact, my first memory of Olivia is when she was a little tyke sitting on her mother's lap playing Wacky the ventriloquist's doll in a production of Annie. She was such an absolute cutie then and it was so great to see how she has grown into such a lovely and poised young woman. I love, love, love her unique sense of style. Such great outfits with a bit of a classic "Annie Hall" vibe for those of you old enough to remember those days. I was a teenager in the late 70's and have a great fondness for the very cool fashion trends that have come back! Olivia put her own spin on what she wore, however, and I could tell her outfits were an an organic choice and very much HER and it made me a bit giddy to start snapping away! Sometimes you just know a shoot will turn out beautifully before the first click and this was one of those times. The arboretum was just beginning to get its warm fall tones and it complemented her earthy tan sweater and tweed blazer perfectly. Just a great early fall backdrop combined with her look and it made my photographer's heart very happy indeed! 

The weather was comfortable and the company delightful as Olivia, her mother and I explored all the arboretum offered. I think I could have shot for hours there if not for the fast approaching sunset. Olivia did great and both her serious and smiley looks were stunning. Sometimes it is hard to have a natural smile, but Olivia's smile just made me smile, too, as I was clicking away. Warm and genuine and and kind and it lit up every spot we stopped at. I was excited to upload all the pics when I got home and as you can see they did not disappoint. Of course, the arboretum was picturesque, but Olivia is what made the pictures GORGEOUS! She has a quiet and calm nature (not an ounce of diva attitude to be found), but something about her outshone the beauty of her surroundings. 

Olivia is a very accomplished and active senior. She is on the Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Lacrosse teams, is the Editor in Chief of the Blade (her high school newspaper), and is a member of National Honor Society, Green Club, and NAACP Club. I'm so glad I had the chance to spend time with her as her senior photographer. She was a dream to have on the other side of the camera and I wish her all the best in her last year of high school and much success as she transitions to college and beyond! 

OH-1OH-1   OH-6-2OH-6-2 OH-9-3OH-9-3 OH-11OH-11 OH-16OH-16 OH-17OH-17 OH-18OH-18 OH-19OH-19 OH-20OH-20 OH-21OH-21 OH-22OH-22 OH-29OH-29 OH-30OH-30 OH-33OH-33 OH-36OH-36 OH-35OH-35 OH-37OH-37 OH-38OH-38 OH-41OH-41 OH-47OH-47 OH-48-3OH-48-3 OH-49OH-49 OH-52OH-52 OH-57OH-57 OH-60OH-60 OH-61OH-61 OH-66OH-66 OH-71OH-71 OH-73OH-73 OH-74OH-74



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Eleanor ~ Arboretum I have been soooo looking forward to my second shoot with Eleanor. She is a whirlwind of fun and personality wrapped in the most adorable package. Loved the way her downtown Ashland shoot turned out and I had an inkling she would sparkle and shine in this nature inspired shoot as well. I was right--sparkle and shine she did! As you can see from the pics, she truly was like a beautiful gem in a beautiful setting. And a funny story about one of the shots that is especially sparkly and glowy. There was a wedding earlier and some bottles stuffed with twinkle lights had been left along one of the public pathways. I didn't think anyone would mind us borrowing the bottle for a few seconds, so on the spur of the moment I had Eleanor pick it up and place it near her cheek. The glow of the bottle matched the glow of the light filtering through the tree behind her--it ended up being stunning and I'm so glad we spent a few seconds with that bottle! Ha!

Being out of town, Eleanor and her mother had never visited the arboretum before and it was so great meandering along the paths, being their tour guide and showing them the wonderful backdrops available as I snapped away. So much variety, no matter the season at the arboretum and I am a grateful photographer that it is only minutes away. And even though I am familiar with all the arboretum has to offer, I still couldn't help but geek out over framing Eleanor in my viewfinder among all its splendor. I know at Eleanor's first session she and her mom were amused by all my exclamations right before clicking the shutter button, and this session was also filled with me constantly going "Wow!", "So pretty!", "Love this!" and "Oh, my goodness!"--I overflow with emotion sometimes when I know an image will turn out spectacular. And spectacular is the word for how Eleanor's gallery turned out! She was such a great model and I loved her outfit choices. Bright, spunky, and stylish with quirky little touches. A perfect reflection for who Eleanor is! My seniors have been nailing it lately with what they bring to wear! I also loved how she had a different vibe from her first session by curling her hair and wearing more dramatic make-up. Both versions still true to herself and just as beautiful! I think that is the benefit of having a double session. Not only can you have images capturing different seasons (summer and fall), but you can rock a different look as well! For those who have not seen Eleanor's downtown Ashland blog post, you can visit it here and learn about all her many impressive school accomplishments:

Eleanor, I had the best time being your senior photographer and have enjoyed getting to know you and your wonderful mom! Thanks so much for trusting me with your senior portraits and I hope they bring a smile to your face for years to come! 

EM-1EM-1 EM-2EM-2 EM-3EM-3 EM-5-2EM-5-2 EM-11EM-11 EM-13EM-13 EM-18EM-18 EM-19-2EM-19-2 EM-24EM-24 EM-26EM-26 EM-31EM-31 EM-33EM-33 EM-35EM-35 EM-36EM-36 EM-37EM-37 EM-39-2EM-39-2 EM-40EM-40 EM-42EM-42 EM-43EM-43 EM-51EM-51 EM-52EM-52 EM-54EM-54 EM-56EM-56 EM-59EM-59 EM-64EM-64 EM-65EM-65



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Ishaan ~ Downtown Ishaan originally had a late August shoot scheduled. But it ended up being terribly hot and so we rescheduled a late September date. Well, it wasn't hot when that date came around, but we had to cancel again--this time due to rain! In the five years I've been taking senior pics, I've never had to cancel a session due to weather, but I guess my luck had run out with Ishaan--twice! It took some scrambling around to find another date that would work--Ishaan is a very busy senior and I was almost fully booked for the fall, but fortunately he happened to have a morning off from school around mid October and the weather ended up finally cooperating, so a morning weekday shoot in October it was!

I'm happy to report that the third time was a charm. I was worried that the sun would pop out too strong during our session, but it thankfully waited until the very last picture was snapped to come streaming down, so the lighting conditions ended up being perfect. Just the right amount of cloud coverage to create soft, flattering light. And not only was the lighting conditions perfect, so was Ishaan! I though he looked quite dashing and on trend in both of the outfits he brought--so handsome! Plus, with his beautiful thick hair and spectacular swoon-worthy eyes, the camera truly did fall in love with him. I think it is hard to take a bad picture of Ishaan. He made my job easy. Well, except for picking out which photos to feature in this blog post. They were all sooooo good, it was hard to narrow down and decide which to include! I imagine it will be difficult for his mom to pick out favorites to print as well!

Ishaan's school activities include Key Club, National Honor Society, Speech and Debate Team, Student Council, Drama Club, Tennis Team, and Band--whew! His calendar must look pretty crazy--no wonder it was a challenge finding time to squeeze in a photography session. But I'm so glad it all worked out and he now has lots of wonderful portraits to document this all important time of his life. He plans to major in cognitive science in college and has not made a decision yet as to which college he will attend, but I'm positive wherever he ends up, this accomplished senior is headed for a very bright future! 

Ishaan, it was a pleasure working with you and meeting your lovely mother. Thanks so much to both of you for your patience as we worked through the weather and scheduling difficulties we encountered. I think your portraits were worth the wait! And I'm looking forward to perhaps capturing some tennis pics to add to your senior gallery this spring!

   IG-3IG-3 IG-1-2IG-1-2 IG-2IG-2 IG-7-3IG-7-3 IG-8IG-8 IG-10IG-10 IG-11IG-11 IG-14IG-14 IG-16-2IG-16-2 IG-15IG-15 IG-20IG-20 IG-23-7IG-23-7 IG-24IG-24 IG-26IG-26 IG-28IG-28 IG-30IG-30 IG-31IG-31 IG-32IG-32 IG-37IG-37 IG-33IG-33 IG-39IG-39 IG-40IG-40 IG-41IG-41 IG-44IG-44 IG-47IG-47 IG-48-4IG-48-4 IG-50IG-50 IG-55-5IG-55-5 IG-59IG-59 IG-60IG-60






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Laura ~ College of Wooster and Ramseyer Farms Laura selected the College of Wooster for her main shoot and we also did a little side jaunt to Ramseyer Farms a few days later to snap some pics in their pretty sunflower fields. We started off the College of Wooster session capturing a few images with her adorable pooch. Her doggie did great--even got her to look at the camera! We then moved on to find some shadier spots on campus, as the early evening sun was still coming in strong. Love the cute shots with the yellow Adirondack chair! When Laura was a child, she had posed with a statue of a young girl with birds that can be found on the grounds. So, of course, we had to find the statue and recreate the childhood shot of her mimicking the stature. So sweet! Laura did a great job posing like the statue. I think you can tell she has had some prior ballet and dance training in her past--her arms have good, elegant lines as they say! We also found a rock that she climbed on as a child. She reminded me a bit of Ariel on that rock--except with dark hair and glasses:) Almost expected her to break out into "Part of Your World".  And fun fact, she could probably belt that tune out nicely. This girl can sing! But more on that later in the post!

After the rock pose, it was time for an outfit change. Her luminous green dress was a beautiful choice and showed off her luminous dark eyes! Her mom calls them Sophia Loren eyes and wow did they ever pop with that glorious shade of green! Laura truly does have the most striking eyes, doesn't she? We lucked out with some beautiful lighting as the sun descended and softened. Lighting is so different with each day, but this light was so glow-y and magical. Combining the lighting with the architecture and those lovely eyes, Laura looked like a princess from a fairy tale. 

We had another sunny bright day for the sunflower shoot at Ramseyer Farms. Laura works at Ramseyer, so this was an extra-special place for her to have her senior portraits taken. It was near the end of sunflower season, but still plenty of bright and beautiful flowers dotting the extensive fields. Loved the sunflowers that look like pompoms in the second sunflower pic. I've never seen any that look like that before! We took full advantage of golden hour, especially with the piano pics; the lowering sun streaming its rays on the side of Laura's face and framing her beautifully. The blue truck looked so pretty with her flowery dress as well! We ended the shoot at sunset under the Ramseyer Arch, the sun now orange and dipped just below the horizon, creating an orangey cast on the surroundings. As we made our way out, we passed by the areas where they put Laura to work--she helps with their kids activities. There was a fenced in area with goats and Laura had to stop and pet her favorite goat. I was tempted to have her jump over the fence and join the goat for a few pics, but alas did not want to get her or myself into any trouble--ha!

Laura is interested in majoring in journalism when she goes off to college. Her current activities include working on the school newspaper and drama club. And speaking of drama club, you know how I mentioned she can sing? In November Laura will be playing Deb in Elf the Musical. Deb is a featured role and she has a great solo song. So break a leg, Laura! I enjoyed spending time with you during your senior shoot and hope you have an amazing senior year!

Laura Rapport-2Laura Rapport-2 Laura Rapport-3Laura Rapport-3 Laura Rapport-7Laura Rapport-7 Laura Rapport-8Laura Rapport-8 Laura Rapport-9Laura Rapport-9 Laura Rapport-13Laura Rapport-13 Laura Rapport-14Laura Rapport-14 Laura Rapport-15Laura Rapport-15 Laura Rapport-17-3Laura Rapport-17-3 Laura Rapport-22Laura Rapport-22 W-B LR-23-3W-B LR-23-3 W-B LR-25-3W-B LR-25-3 Laura Rapport-27Laura Rapport-27 Laura Rapport-28Laura Rapport-28 Laura Rapport-29Laura Rapport-29 Laura Rapport-31Laura Rapport-31 Laura Rapport-32Laura Rapport-32 Laura Rapport-34Laura Rapport-34 Laura Rapport -41-2Laura Rapport -41-2 Laura Rapport -38-2Laura Rapport -38-2 Laura Rapport-44Laura Rapport-44 Laura Rapport-46-4Laura Rapport-46-4 Laura Rapport-48-5Laura Rapport-48-5 Laura Rapport-55Laura Rapport-55 Laura Rapport-57Laura Rapport-57 Laura Rapport-63Laura Rapport-63 Laura Rapport-67Laura Rapport-67 Laura Rapport-71Laura Rapport-71 Laura Rapport-68Laura Rapport-68

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Eric ~ Arboretum I love that I get to work with siblings. I had the pleasure of taking Eric's sister's pics a few years ago and so was quite happy to hear it was time for her younger brother to spend time with me and my camera in tow. Like many senior guys, Eric's mom mentioned he wasn't exactly over the moon about having his pictures taken, but what a great sport he was. He was thoughtful and took my posing prompts to heart and did a terrific job as you can see! He might have felt awkward at the time as I was calling out "put your foot here, your arm there, lean in, tilt your head" and a sting of other instructions, but boy the end result is a very confident and self-assured look! A couple of times he even reminded me a bit of a young Tom Cruise as I framed him in my viewfinder! He is a handsome dude for sure and I had a pretty easy job capturing some striking images.

I thought Eric did a great job with outfit choices, too--looking dapper in a dress shirt and tie, outdoorsy in his plaid, and casual cool in his hoodie. And varsity jackets will never go out of style! By wearing the same pair of jeans for the second part of his shoot, he was able to make a couple quick changes that added a nice variety of looks! I am a big fan of quick changes--especially when covering a large area such as the arboretum. I give him an A+ for the thought he put into how he wanted to look and could tell he felt like himself. I always recommend clothing that seniors not only like, but also that they are comfortable wearing!

Eric keeps a very full schedule as a senior. He is involved with swim team, cross country, National Honor Society, and plays trumpet in band. He is also an Eagle Scout, earning the rank last spring. Plus he has worked as a lifeguard for the past two years! As far as future plans go he is interested in scientific research and is planning on majoring in biology or biochemistry.

I enjoyed meandering around the beautiful stirrings of fall at the arboretum with Eric and his mom. It was such a pleasant evening weather wise and they were pleasant company! Eric has two younger siblings, so perhaps I will have a chance to repeat the process a couple more times again in the future with this wonderful family. I hope Eric has a fun-filled senior year and much success as he heads off to college in the fall!

Eric Snider-1Eric Snider-1 Eric Snider-3Eric Snider-3 Eric Snider-5Eric Snider-5 Eric Snider-6Eric Snider-6 Eric Snider-9Eric Snider-9 Eric Snider-10Eric Snider-10 Eric Snider-13-2Eric Snider-13-2 Eric Snider-16-2Eric Snider-16-2 Eric Snider-18Eric Snider-18 Eric Snider-20Eric Snider-20 Eric Snider-21-2Eric Snider-21-2 Eric Snider-22Eric Snider-22 Eric Snider-24Eric Snider-24 Eric Snider-25Eric Snider-25 Eric Snider-27Eric Snider-27 Eric Snider-28-2Eric Snider-28-2 Eric Snider-29Eric Snider-29 Eric Snider-31Eric Snider-31 Eric Snider-32Eric Snider-32 Eric Snider-33Eric Snider-33 Eric Snider-34Eric Snider-34 Eric Snider-35Eric Snider-35 Eric Snider-36Eric Snider-36 Eric Snider-39Eric Snider-39 Eric Snider-38Eric Snider-38 Eric Snider-40Eric Snider-40 Eric Snider-41Eric Snider-41 Eric Snider-42Eric Snider-42 Eric Snider-43Eric Snider-43

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David ~ Downtown and Oak Hill Park Oh, did the camera ever adore David! I mean what is not to love? Handsome with a unique sense of style (love, love, love the tie sweatshirt combo--so snazzy!) Not to mention that gorgeous perfect head of hair. I adored working with him, too. Polite, funny, charming, and posing like he was a career model. Perhaps he should forward these pictures to a modeling agency to earn college money:)

We started his session downtown. Lucked out with perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect early fall day. There are so many great backdrops in our little town! Lots of variety. Different vibes. As a photographer, I feel so lucky to have such an amazing setting so close by. I think his dressier look he chose was perfect for the urban setting. After a tour of the downtown, we were off to Oak Hill Park for a nature inspired shoot. His cream colored hoodie and blue and gold letterman jacket looked great among the beginning warm, fall tones. At first, the sun was quite strong, so we had to go in search of shadier spots. As we walked around and chatted, we bonded over a love of writing. He said he may be interested in majoring in English and I was an English major myself (English Education) and my other career path is writing middle grade novels for HarperCollins and Scholastic. After finding places to snap away without the light being too harsh, the sun finally started to descend lower and softer into the horizon and we were able to take advantage of the golden hour glow. Just beautiful!

David is an accomplished and busy young man. He is a 3-year letterman in swimming and track, works on the school yearbook, and also enjoys art classes. He has had several drawings featured during Fine Arts Week. In addition, you might see him around as a lifeguard at the city pools and the YMCA. Glad he was able to squeeze a senior session in considering his whirlwind schedule! College plans aren't settled yet, but he is leaning towards Kent State--I  gave that a big thumbs up as my daughter just graduated from there! 

I am pretty sure David is headed for a bright future whatever path he takes. What a joy it was to be his senior photographer! It was great to meet his wonderful mom, too. We bonded a bit as well--she is also a photographer, but her specialty is birds! I hope David has the best ever senior year and that these pictures will be a forever reminder of this special time in his life. I love the thought that the photos I take will live on long after the graduation announcements and parties. That they will be brought out from time to time in the decades to come for reminiscing and smiles. And David's striking photos are certainly smile-worthy and worth reminiscing over!

Thank you, David, for letting me and my camera be a part of your senior year! It was an honor!

David Weeman-3David Weeman-3 David Weeman-5-3David Weeman-5-3 David Weeman-6David Weeman-6 David Weeman-7-8David Weeman-7-8 David Weeman-11-2David Weeman-11-2 David Weeman-14David Weeman-14 David Weeman-15David Weeman-15 David Weeman-16David Weeman-16 David Weeman-22-6David Weeman-22-6 David Weeman-17-2David Weeman-17-2 David Weeman-20David Weeman-20 David Weeman-23-2David Weeman-23-2 David Weeman-26-2David Weeman-26-2 David Weeman-30David Weeman-30 David Weeman-28David Weeman-28 David Weeman-29David Weeman-29 David Weeman-31-2David Weeman-31-2 David Weeman-33David Weeman-33 David Weeman-35David Weeman-35 David Weeman-37David Weeman-37 David Weeman-39David Weeman-39 David Weeman-43David Weeman-43 David Weeman-44David Weeman-44 David Weeman-46David Weeman-46 David Weeman-45David Weeman-45 David Weeman-48David Weeman-48 David Weeman-51David Weeman-51 David Weeman-53David Weeman-53 David Weeman-56David Weeman-56 David Weeman-59David Weeman-59 David Weeman-60-2David Weeman-60-2

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Friend Shoot ~ Ramseyer Farm Sunflower Days I've done a group session previously at the fair a few years ago with my senior clients who were able to come. It was a lot of fun! But I have never done a "friendship" shoot before. Until now! One of my seniors, Lanie, requested a sunflower shoot. Luckily, Ramseyer Farms right here in Wooster and only minutes away, hosts a few days at their sunflower fields for professional photographers before opening up to the public. And, luckily, three of Lanie's friends were able to come join in, which made the day all the more merry. You know the saying, "The more the merrier"--well this shoot was definitely the more the merrier! There was the banter and laughter of close pals as I was clicking away--and surrounded by the beautiful yellow flowers--well, it made for a very happy shoot!

It was a sunny day and no shade, which provided some challenges, but I think the golden glow and bright light complimented a sunflower shoot. After all sunflowers have "sun" in their name! Ramseyer Farms provided some picturesque settings among the flowers--including a piano and an old truck with pumpkins, which added variety to the shoot. I especially love the piano--made for some gorgeous pics! The girls took turns in front of the camera as we explored the area. Lanie is in the black dress, Gabriela in the bright pink, Lucia in the white overalls, and Grace in the red dress. They were all as lovely as the flowers. Though the sunflowers were the main event, there was also a pretty zinnia field as well. And I was surprised at the variety of sunflowers Ramseyer grows (more than 20!) Near the end of the shoot, we did the group shots--love them!

I hope one day, when these four fast friends are my age, they will look back at these pictures fondly, with huge smiles on their faces. Senior year is always bittersweet. Lots of new adventures ahead, but many times going off to different colleges and then to different lives. I have a few blurry late 1970's to early 1980's pics of me with my friends. Wish I could have had a photo shoot like this for my memories. These are four lucky girls:) I hope they have the best senior year together. Seeing the warmth, affection, humor, and support they shared during the photoshoot, I'm pretty sure they they will. And I'm pretty sure they will remain forever friends. 

Sunflower-1Sunflower-1 Sunflower-4Sunflower-4 Sunflower-5Sunflower-5 Sunflower-8Sunflower-8 Sunflower-11Sunflower-11 Sunflower-13Sunflower-13 Sunflower-15Sunflower-15 Sunflower-19-3Sunflower-19-3 Sunflower-24Sunflower-24 Sunflower-27Sunflower-27 Sunflower-28Sunflower-28 Sunflower-21Sunflower-21 Sunflower-31Sunflower-31 Sunflower-35Sunflower-35 Sunflower-22Sunflower-22 Sunflower-38Sunflower-38 Sunflower-40Sunflower-40 Sunflower-43Sunflower-43 Sunflower-44Sunflower-44 Sunflower-48-2Sunflower-48-2 Sunflower-53Sunflower-53 Sunflower-57Sunflower-57 Sunflower-61Sunflower-61 Sunflower-68Sunflower-68 Sunflower-70Sunflower-70 Sunflower-72Sunflower-72 Sunflower-74Sunflower-74 Sunflower-76Sunflower-76 Sunflower-78Sunflower-78 Sunflower-81Sunflower-81 Sunflower-83Sunflower-83 Sunflower-86Sunflower-86 Sunflower-87Sunflower-87 Sunflower-90Sunflower-90 Sunflower-93Sunflower-93 Sunflower-95Sunflower-95 Sunflower-98Sunflower-98 Sunflower-101Sunflower-101 Sunflower-103Sunflower-103 Sunflower-106Sunflower-106 Sunflower-111Sunflower-111

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Emily ~ Barnes Preserve I had the honor of photographing Emily's sister when I was first starting out as a senior photographer. Now, three years later, it's Emily's turn turn for senior photos! It is neat to have families as repeat clients. It always makes me happy that they loved the older siblings photos enough to book me again for the younger ones! And I've known her family for a long time. I remember seeing her as a little pre-schooler with her sister at Wayne Center for the Arts and chatting with her mom as we sat in the waiting area for dance classes. Later, I got to know her family better as our paths continued to cross. So I've had the chance to watch her grow up, which made being her senior photographer extra delightful!

We shot the session at the Barnes Preserve. I have never visited the Barnes Preserve before, but was happy to oblige with the location request as it holds a special meaning for Emily. Emily loves to run and it is her favorite place to go when she does her running workout. It is certainly a beautiful setting for a run, with both an open field and also wooded paths, along with a pond and overlook. It was beautiful for photography, too, and I'm glad I got the chance to bring my camera there and capture Emily in her element! I enjoyed the preserve so much, that I plan to return soon to do workouts of my own--though that involves walking and not running, like Emily. Walking is more my pace--ha!

Our shoot began in the morning hours. It was cloudy when I first started clicking away, but before long the sun came out with a strong, bright "hello there" greeting! Luckily, we found a few shaded areas near the wild plants that grew along the path, which provided pretty backdrops and relief from squinting. But it wasn't long before the sun was unrelenting, and so I had Emily lead the way to a path in the woods, where shady areas abound. Emily started off the session with a cool black leather jacket look and then changed into her usual attire she wears to the Barnes Preserve--her running clothes! The pink color fade running shirt looked great and really popped among all the greens and accentuated her striking dark brown eyes. I think senior outfits should truly represent who the senior is and be something they are comfortable wearing. If a senior is uncomfortable, or doesn't feel like themselves, it sort of defeats the reason for senior photos! We are capturing a significant moment in time, after all:) I think Emily's beautiful pics are a fitting tribute to who she is and I hope she loves them and the moments I captured. Moments that are not fleeting that disappear, but that will live on in the form of a photograph to be enjoyed, well, forever!  

Emily is currently taking online college classes for her senior year of schooling, so she has a head start on those college credits! She would like to study business. I adored spending time with Emily at the Barnes Preserve. A lovely setting and a lovely senior! 

EmilyS-2EmilyS-2 EmilyS-6EmilyS-6 EmilyS-9EmilyS-9 EmilyS-10-3EmilyS-10-3 EmilyS-11EmilyS-11 EmilyS-12EmilyS-12 EmilyS-14EmilyS-14 EmilyS-16EmilyS-16 EmilyS-17EmilyS-17 EmilyS-19EmilyS-19 EmilyS-24EmilyS-24 EmilyS-25EmilyS-25 EmilyS-26EmilyS-26 EmilyS-22EmilyS-22 EmilyS-28EmilyS-28 EmilyS-31EmilyS-31 EmilyS-32EmilyS-32    EmilyS-38EmilyS-38 EmilyS-34EmilyS-34 EmilyS-40EmilyS-40 EmilyS-41EmilyS-41 EmilyS-42EmilyS-42 EmilyS-48EmilyS-48 EmilyS-49EmilyS-49 EmilyS-51EmilyS-51 EmilyS-50EmilyS-50    EmilyS-52EmilyS-52    EmilyS-59EmilyS-59 EmilyS-60EmilyS-60 EmilyS-58EmilyS-58



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Eleanor ~ Downtown Ashland When Eleanor's mom asked me if I'd be willing to travel to downtown Ashland for a shoot, my answer was an excited "YES!" I love the challenge and discovery of a new setting for pics. Ashland did not disappoint and neither did Eleanor! In fact, they were the perfect, beautiful combination. It was a hot evening (like real feel 90!), but Eleanor kept her cool and and I think I can safely say we both had a lot of fun that evening exploring all the terrific and quirky backdrops Ashland has to offer. In just a few blocks we had colorful murals, sidewalk scapes, alleys which had the most dreamy lighting, twinkling lights, gray brick walls, a barbie-ish pink door, black iron railings, a green astroturf park, and we even had a lion which Eleanor playfully posed with--ROAR!

Love, love, loved Eleanor's sparkly jacket, especially with the mural backdrop. Eleanor's personality was just as spunky and sparkly as her jacket. Sometimes she would just bubble over and be silly and I adore those impromptu pics. Honestly, looking through her photo gallery just makes me SMILE! But she also nailed her serious looks--just gorgeous. The green sweater/pink print skirt worked so well with the pink door and gray bricks and the orange and cream dress just flowed so wonderfully with the reddish orange brick alley, dark brown bridge with lights in the background, and yellow railing. I couldn't be more pleased with the way her outfits complimented the backdrops. But, of course, it was Eleanor who was the star of the show! Sometimes as I was clicking away, I just knew  everything was coming together and I would start shouting "Oh, my gosh!" and geek out a bit. Eleanor and her mom couldn't help but laugh at my outbursts of excitement, but I think her pics are certainly worthy of a whoop and holler!

Eleanor is quite a busy young woman. She is Captain of the AHS Sweet Sixteen Dance team, President of Acapella Choir, performs with Sing N Swing and ArrowDynamics, and plays violin in the AHS Orchestra. She has also been a cast member in the AHS Musical each year since Freshman year, is a Girl Scout Ambassador, a member of National Honor Society, and Tri-M. We are planning a fall shoot as well with a nature inspired backdrop and I'm looking forward to capturing more beautiful pics of Eleanor with the warms tones of autumn in the background! I wish her the best in what sounds to be a whirlwind senior year before she transitions to college life. I have a feeling she is going to savor every moment!

EM-2EM-2 EM-4EM-4 Eleanor Merkel-7-2Eleanor Merkel-7-2 EM-6EM-6 EM-11EM-11 EM-12EM-12 EM-13EM-13 EM-14EM-14 EM-15EM-15 EM-16EM-16 EM-18EM-18 EM-22EM-22 EM-27EM-27 EM-28EM-28 EM-30EM-30 EM-31EM-31 EM-33EM-33 EM-35EM-35 EM-39EM-39 EM-40EM-40 EM-42EM-42 EM-43EM-43 EM-44EM-44 EM-47EM-47 EM-50EM-50 EM-52EM-52 EM-55EM-55 EM-56EM-56   EM-57EM-57 EM-60EM-60




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Ethan ~ Arboretum I had a great evening at the arboretum with Ethan. The weather was warm, but thankfully not too hot and the lighting was wonderful. Ethan's mother mentioned he was not exactly jumping for joy over a photo shoot. But despite him not being super enthused, he handled the session with flying colors. I really enjoyed working with him--he was such a nice, pleasant young man and agreeable to whatever I suggested! He also ended up being quite photogenic, as you can see, too! It was hard to decide which photos to feature in this blog post! There were all terrific. I think he did a fabulous job putting outfits together to give a nice variety of looks. His mom mentioned he was a casual kid, but I think he looks quite snazzy in all his choices. I always advise seniors to dress in something they are comfortable in that they really like and represents who they are in this short burst of time in their lives. Though casual, Ethan looked very put together and handsome! If a suit and tie look is something a senior would enjoy--go for it! But you can also have a wonderful variety with more everyday clothes. And I have to say, I especially love the pink hoodie ones! A nice pop of color among all the greens of the arboretum!

Ethan plays saxophone in marching band and is currently doing a summer internship with Wooster City Schools technology department. He would like to study computer science after he graduates. I wish him all the best his senior year and appreciate being a part of it! It was great having him on the other side of the camera. Ethan, you were awesome to photograph and I'm so glad you made your mom happy by having senior portraits done! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture what you were like at this stage of your life and I hope you and your family enjoy these photos for years to come!

Ethan Reusser-1Ethan Reusser-1 Ethan Reusser-2-3Ethan Reusser-2-3 Ethan Reusser-4-5Ethan Reusser-4-5 Ethan Reusser-5-3Ethan Reusser-5-3 Ethan Reusser-6Ethan Reusser-6 Ethan Reusser-7Ethan Reusser-7    Ethan Reusser-12Ethan Reusser-12 Ethan Reusser-10Ethan Reusser-10 Ethan Reusser-15-2Ethan Reusser-15-2 Ethan Reusser-18Ethan Reusser-18 Ethan Reusser -19Ethan Reusser -19 Ethan Reusser-20-3Ethan Reusser-20-3 Ethan Reusser-21Ethan Reusser-21 Ethan Reusser-22-2Ethan Reusser-22-2 Ethan Reusser-25Ethan Reusser-25 Ethan Reusser-26-2Ethan Reusser-26-2 Ethan Reusser-27Ethan Reusser-27 Ethan Reusser-28Ethan Reusser-28 Ethan Reusser-29Ethan Reusser-29 Ethan Reusser-30Ethan Reusser-30 Ethan Reusser 31-4Ethan Reusser 31-4 Ethan Reusser-32Ethan Reusser-32 Ethan Reusser-34Ethan Reusser-34 Ethan Reusser-39Ethan Reusser-39 Ethan Reusser-40Ethan Reusser-40 Ethan Reusser-41Ethan Reusser-41



(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Tue, 09 Aug 2022 19:05:48 GMT
Nathan ~ Downtown When I was contacted about a November senior session for Nathan, I was thinking it would be a sweater and coat shoot, with me shivering as I clicked away. But we ended up with the very last warm day of fall. The sun was shining brightly and temperatures reached the low 60's! It could not have been planned more beautifully. No sweater or heavy coat needed for Nathan and I was comfortable in my role as photographer without bundling up.

Nathan brought a nice variety of clothes, from dressy to casual. We started the shoot with Nathan looking quite dashing in his tie, dress shirt, and blue dress pants. Not long after the session started, I had a spur of the moment inspiration to drag a nearby chair into an open space and I'm happy I went with that spur of the moment idea. Sometimes trying something new works and sometimes it doesn't, but this worked out wonderfully. I loved the end result! I also loved the way the colors he wore paired with the tried and true backdrop of the Artfind Tile storefront. It is a gorgeous backdrop, which I use a lot, but very busy and can clash if you are not wearing something complimentary. Nathan's look nailed it. Next up was a more casual look and I think the light denim jacket/hoody with his black t-shirt really popped in the photos. Another great clothing choice Nathan made:) There were really so many terrific shots of Nathan that I took from the heart of the city square, that it was hard for me to get down to manageable amount to share on this blog! We ended his senior session by moving to an off street alleyway and with Nathan wearing a long sleeve t-shirt paying tribute to the college he will be attending--Moravian College--where he will be playing soccer. I am a big fan of at least taking a few pics with college apparel. They make great photos for graduation announcements!

I really enjoyed my time with Nathan. He was so polite and accommodating. And it is always great to know the family a little bit as well. I took his sister Violette's senior photos a couple years ago and she was a awesome to work with as well! Besides being an accomplished soccer player, Nathan also plays percussion in band. I'm glad he found time for senior pics in his busy schedule and I'm also glad I was asked to take the pictures. It is hard to describe the fulfillment I get out of creating forever memories of young adults who are soon to be transitioning to life after high school. It is such a special time for them and for their families. I'm just grateful to be a part of it and that the images will not be fleeting, but something that will be appreciated and looked at for years to come. So thank you to Nathan and his family for allowing me to be a part of Nathan's journey! I hope he has a wonderful rest of his senior year and wish him much success in college life and a bright future ahead! 

Nathan Bonvallet-1Nathan Bonvallet-1 Nathan Bonvallet-7-4Nathan Bonvallet-7-4 Nathan Bonvallet-10-4Nathan Bonvallet-10-4 Nathan Bonvallet-11Nathan Bonvallet-11 Nathan Bonvallet-13-3Nathan Bonvallet-13-3 Nathan Bonvallet-15-3Nathan Bonvallet-15-3 Nathan Bonvallet-17Nathan Bonvallet-17 Nathan Bonvallet-19-2Nathan Bonvallet-19-2 Nathan Bonvallet-20Nathan Bonvallet-20 Nathan Bonvallet-22Nathan Bonvallet-22 Nathan Bonvallet-24Nathan Bonvallet-24 Nathan Bonvallet-25Nathan Bonvallet-25 Nathan Bonvallet-27Nathan Bonvallet-27 Nathan Bonvallet-30Nathan Bonvallet-30 Nathan Bonvallet-32Nathan Bonvallet-32 Nathan Bonvallet-34Nathan Bonvallet-34 Nathan Bonvallet-35-2Nathan Bonvallet-35-2 Nathan Bonvallet-37-2Nathan Bonvallet-37-2 Nathan Bonvallet-40-2Nathan Bonvallet-40-2 Nathan Bonvallet-41-2Nathan Bonvallet-41-2 Nathan Bonvallet-43Nathan Bonvallet-43 Nathan Bonvallet-44Nathan Bonvallet-44 Nathan Bonvallet-45Nathan Bonvallet-45 Nathan Bonvallet-47Nathan Bonvallet-47 Nathan Bonvallet-49Nathan Bonvallet-49 Nathan Bonvallet-51Nathan Bonvallet-51 Nathan Bonvallet-54Nathan Bonvallet-54 Nathan Bonvallet-55Nathan Bonvallet-55 Nathan Bonvallet-57Nathan Bonvallet-57 Nathan Bonvallet-60Nathan Bonvallet-60

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Mon, 22 Nov 2021 21:59:24 GMT
Andrew ~ Arboretum I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew's sister, Anna, last year and she was so much fun to work with, that I was, of course, excited for this photoshoot as well! And Andrew did not disappoint:) He was such a good sport about all the posing requests and, as I told his mom, pretty darn photogenic to boot, which always makes my job a breeze! The main problem I had was that even though it was an evening shoot, the sun happened to be harsh and super strong. Not vey many big puffy clouds for the sun to hide behind, so I had to find shady spots that wouldn't make him squint! Luckily, with the trees and bushes at the arboretum, we were able to find areas that helped soften the overabundance of light streaming through. And towards the end of the session we were able to capture a few "golden hour" shots in the warm glow of the setting sun. Funny story--while the lowering sun rays surrounded Andrew in the last few snaps of the camera, I had him sweep his hair back off his forehead. I actually gasped when I looked through the viewfinder. I swore a young Leonardo Diccaprio from his Titanic days had time traveled back and sat before me! "Oh, my gosh, you look just like Leonardo Dicaprio" I couldn't help but scream. Andrew laughed and said he had heard that before. So no, I hadn't lost my mind. I was not seeing the ghost of Leonardo past. It truly was Andrew. Check out the last two pics and see if you see the resemblance as well!

All in all, I think we were able to get a good variety of backdrops, despite the strong sun, and it helped, too, that Andrew brought some shirt changes, which also added in creating a nice mixture of options. Andrew is quite handsome with his serious "look", but also has such charming smile. Some people photograph better one way or the other, but he wears both expressions exceedingly well! 

Saying Andrew is a busy young man is an understatement. He has had an impressive high school career as a talented student athlete--varsity letterman and state competitor in swimming 3 years in a row, varsity goalie/keeper in soccer, and varsity letterman and team captain in lacrosse. He's also an honor roll student, member of SALT (student, athlete, leadership team) and played in Symphonic Band (trombone). He is planning on continuing the sport of lacrosse in college. I wish him much success and am so happy I was able to take his senior photos!  

Andrew Glasgow-3-2Andrew Glasgow-3-2 Andrew Glasgow-2-3Andrew Glasgow-2-3 Andrew Glasgow-4-3Andrew Glasgow-4-3       Andrew Glasgow-5-2Andrew Glasgow-5-2 Andrew Glasgow-6Andrew Glasgow-6 Andrew Glasgow-8-2Andrew Glasgow-8-2 Andrew Glasgow-9-2Andrew Glasgow-9-2 Andrew Glasgow-10-2Andrew Glasgow-10-2 Andrew Glasgow-11-2Andrew Glasgow-11-2 Andrew Glasgow-12-2Andrew Glasgow-12-2   Andrew Glasgow-15-2Andrew Glasgow-15-2 Andrew Glasgow-14-2Andrew Glasgow-14-2   Andrew Glasgow-19-5Andrew Glasgow-19-5   Andrew Glasgow-22-2Andrew Glasgow-22-2   Andrew Glasgow-18-4Andrew Glasgow-18-4   Andrew Glasgow-17-2Andrew Glasgow-17-2 Andrew Glasgow-23-2Andrew Glasgow-23-2 Andrew Glasgow-24-2Andrew Glasgow-24-2 Andrew Glasgow-25-2Andrew Glasgow-25-2 Andrew Glasgow-26-2Andrew Glasgow-26-2 Andrew Glasgow-28-2Andrew Glasgow-28-2 Andrew Glasgow-30Andrew Glasgow-30 Andrew Glasgow-31-2Andrew Glasgow-31-2     Andrew Glasgow-33-3Andrew Glasgow-33-3   Andrew Glasgow-34-4Andrew Glasgow-34-4 Andrew Glasgow-35-3Andrew Glasgow-35-3 Andrew Glasgow-36-3Andrew Glasgow-36-3 Andrew Glasgow-37-3Andrew Glasgow-37-3  

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Wed, 06 Oct 2021 19:08:40 GMT
Neena ~ Blossoming Tree Last spring Neena's mother texted me a photo of the most beautiful, sprawling tree in bloom at the arboretum--a type of crabapple, Malus Rosseau, planted 70 years ago in 1951! We had hoped to do a photo session of Neena under the luscious pink blooms. Unfortunately, by the time Neena could come to be photographed, the blooms were gone. And the magical tree lost its brilliance and looked quite ordinary and ho-hum! We went ahead and did Neena's senior photos over the summer, but I promised we could come back the following year for a "mini" session with the tree. So this spring Neena's mom kept watch and texted me almost daily on its progress. We ended up deciding to do the photo shoot before it was fully in bloom because there was a freeze warning and cold weather in the forecast. But I think it turned out perfect--since the tree was a mix of fully open flowers and and buds it gave such an interesting variation in color. A mix of light and deep fuchsia. The tree was spectacular and so was graceful Neena the ballerina! Loved the white tutu against the colorful floral backdrop. It's funny, but it was hot and humid when I took her senior photos over the summer and for this mini session it was a little too chilly to be out in a tutu! You really can't custom order weather for photography sessions. But it really didn't matter in the end, because no matter the weather, Neena is such a beautiful and poised subject to have in front of the camera. She is simply radiant.   

Neena just finished up her senior year and will be doing a gap year, after which she has plans to study music, dance, and political science. She will be a very busy college student, but I'm sure she will enjoy immersing herself in her passions. For years I have watched Neena perform on stage and what a joy it has been to watch her grow up from a tiny dancer to an accomplished young woman. I have no doubt she is headed for great things! Congratulations on your graduation, Neena, and I wish you the very best! NeenaShell-2NeenaShell-2 NeenaShell-3-2NeenaShell-3-2 NeenaShell-4NeenaShell-4 NeenaShell-6NeenaShell-6 NeenaShell-10NeenaShell-10 NeenaShell-11NeenaShell-11 NeenaShell-12NeenaShell-12 NeenaShell-14NeenaShell-14 NeenaShell-19NeenaShell-19 NeenaShell-21NeenaShell-21 NeenaShell-24NeenaShell-24 NeenaShell-29NeenaShell-29 NeenaShell-30NeenaShell-30 NeenaShell-34NeenaShell-34 NeenaShell-36NeenaShell-36 NeenaShell-38NeenaShell-38 NeenaShell-39NeenaShell-39 NeenaShell-42NeenaShell-42 NeenaShell-44NeenaShell-44 NeenaShell-46NeenaShell-46

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Eli ~ Arboretum Brrrr! It was cold out when Eli had her session at the the arboretum! I have never done a session this late in the fall. The colorful leaves were gone and no flower blooms were left. Yet the stark and moody atmosphere was gorgeous in its own way--especially with the pops of color that Eli added with her red sweater, bright green jacket, and plaid skirt. Really loved the contrast and it made for some striking pictures. One of my favorite pics, though, is when she donned her late grandfather's black leather jacket. I thought it was so touching that she wore it--such a tender and meaningful gesture. And somehow the lighting at that moment was extra perfect with a beautiful glow surrounding Eli when I snapped that picture. 

I wore my heavy winter coat and ear muffs for the session and I'm amazed that Eli looked so comfortable--and absolutely adorable, too! I know she was actually freezing, but you honestly can't tell from the resulting photos! She even laughed and joked and improvised as I clicked away. I was lucky enough to catch some of those spontaneous moments. It is so much fun when the person on the other side of the camera lets their personality shine through! She even bought a pair of really cool sunglasses to play around with and, oh my goodness, how cute did those pics turn out? LOVE them so much!  

It's been a few years since I had seen and talked to Eli. Her older sister is friends with my daughter Hope and when Hope was in high school I remember Eli as the little sister who tagged along and looked up to my daughter. It was great to see her all grown up and doing well. She is active in Drama Club, acting regularly in the high school's plays and musicals. She is also a member of Speech and Debate with this being her second year competing in the humorous interpretation category. After spending time with Eli, I'd say that is a pretty good category for her. She is playful and fun and those characteristics just tend to bubble over and out! I'm happy she was secure enough to bring her good humor with her. She made what could have been a miserable shoot in the cold into a memorable adventure. And now she will always have these lovely photos forever to remember her senior year. After graduation Eli has plans to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art and major in animation and/or illustration. She is a creative soul, so I'm sure she will do well!

Thank you Eli for braving the cold! I'm so glad I was the photographer that captured these beautiful moments for you! 

Ellie V-1Ellie V-1 Ellie V-2Ellie V-2 Ellie V-3Ellie V-3 Ellie V-4Ellie V-4 Ellie V-5Ellie V-5 Ellie V-6Ellie V-6 Ellie V-12Ellie V-12 Ellie V-13Ellie V-13 Ellie V-16Ellie V-16 Ellie V-17-4Ellie V-17-4 Ellie V-19Ellie V-19 Ellie V-21Ellie V-21 Ellie V-23Ellie V-23 Ellie V-25Ellie V-25 Ellie V-26Ellie V-26 Ellie V-32Ellie V-32 Ellie V-34-2Ellie V-34-2 Ellie V-36Ellie V-36 Ellie V-38Ellie V-38 Ellie V-39Ellie V-39 Ellie V-40Ellie V-40 Ellie V-41Ellie V-41 Ellie V-43Ellie V-43 Ellie V-46-2Ellie V-46-2 Ellie V-53-2Ellie V-53-2 Ellie V-55Ellie V-55 Ellie V-56Ellie V-56 Ellie V-57Ellie V-57 Ellie V-59-2Ellie V-59-2 Ellie V-61Ellie V-61




(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Tue, 01 Dec 2020 19:57:29 GMT
Ian ~ Downtown I've known Ian since he was born. He and his family are often fixtures at my family gatherings and holidays. I've known his father since I was a young adult--translation a very long time! Ian's dad, Eric, is a pilot and trained my dad on getting his instrument rating and they became fast and lasting friends. In fact, my dad was the best man at Eric's wedding. Eric is only a few years older than me and I guess you can say Eric is my brother from another mother:)  So anyway, I was all too happy to take Ian's senior portraits. Ian's family lives a few hours away, so they had to travel to get his portraits taken, but they made use of the trip by visiting a few area colleges, too. So the trip was double duty! 

We settled on a downtown setting for Ian's senior session, but before that came a quick family session at my long, wooded driveway. Since the driveway was so picturesque with the fallen autumn leaves, I took a few individual pics of Ian there as well before moving on to the downtown part of the shoot. Luckily, it was a warm fall day and Ian did not have to bundle up for his pics! Ian has a great smile and honestly all his photos turned out awesome. After all, what is not to love about his dashing dimple, beautiful eyes, and long eyelashes? The camera certainly noticed his good looks! And since I have known him since he was a baby, I can say in full confidence that he is as nice and kind as he is good looking. I think the camera captured that as well:) We had some misty rain show up for a few minutes during the session, but I kept snapping away and you can't even tell Ian was getting a little damp. I was sure it wasn't going to rain and Ian's father thought it would--we had dueling weather forecasts going on. I guess Ian's dad won that bet (moral of the story--always trust a pilot with the weather!) but thankfully all turned out well in the end.

Ian's high school activities includes soccer, bowling, tennis, and In The Know team. He is really hoping he will be able to continue to bowl in college. Right now he is leaning towards larger campuses with a lot of green space. They have had to do their own campus tours since colleges are not doing formal ones right now, and though it means missing out on a lot (for example Ian can't go into dorms to check them out due to Covid), it has still been helpful in getting a "feel" for what he likes and doesn't like about campus settings. I'm curious to see where he lands, but one thing I am sure of is that this wonderful young man is headed for success.

You were a terrific model for me, Ian, and I wish you great good luck as you transition to college life next year! I know I will see you at future family gatherings and am looking forward to seeing all that you become as you enter adulthood!

BFam-1BFam-1 BFam-5BFam-5 Ian Wooded Drive and Downtown SessionIan Wooded Drive and Downtown Session IanB-9IanB-9 IanB-12IanB-12 IanB-14IanB-14 IanB-19IanB-19 IanB-21IanB-21 IanB-26IanB-26 IanB-28IanB-28 IanB-29IanB-29 IanB-32IanB-32 IanB-34IanB-34 IanB-38IanB-38 IanB-39IanB-39 IanB-41IanB-41 IanB-43IanB-43 IanB-45IanB-45 IanB-46IanB-46 IanB-50IanB-50 IanB-53IanB-53 IanB-54IanB-54 IanB-55IanB-55 IanB-58IanB-58 IanB-61IanB-61 IanB-62IanB-62 IanB-63IanB-63 IanB-66IanB-66    IanB-69IanB-69 IanB-68IanB-68


(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Mon, 16 Nov 2020 21:58:01 GMT
Jaden ~ Downtown For some reason boys don't get official senior portraits taken as often as girls. I wish they would! Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles love having nice pics to mark graduation. Plus senior guys deserve to capture the transition from high school to adulthood, too! Freezing time at 17 or 18 years old can be magical and will be something they can show their kids and grandkids one day if they come along. "Look how cool and handsome grandpa was back in the day!" Ha. So I am always happy when a senior guy comes my way. Especially one like Jaden. I thoughly enjoyed my session with him. He was willing to try different poses no matter how silly he felt and I think he had some fun, too! We meandered around downtown and I did a mix of my favorite photography spots along with some new ones. And WOW...look at the results! He was a superstar senior in my opinion. Mr. GQ-- looking like a magazine model:) I loved his hair, too! Very cool shade of purple on top. It is his trademark and I'm glad he didn't try to change it. He captured who he is at the moment and that is so important for senior portraits. 

Jaden runs track and is on the robotics team. He has plans to major in engineering. I told him that was a great career choice! My son is an engineer and it has been a wonderful field for him to be in. I wish him well his senior year with track, robotics, and his college search. I'm sure he is headed for success and will have a great transition to college life! And maybe one day engineer Jaden's kids will look in awe at the super cool pics of their dad:)

Jaden-1Jaden-1 Jaden-3Jaden-3 Jaden-6Jaden-6 Jaden-8Jaden-8 Jaden-9-2Jaden-9-2 Jaden-10Jaden-10 Jaden-12Jaden-12 Jaden-13Jaden-13 Jaden-14Jaden-14 Jaden-17Jaden-17 Jaden-21Jaden-21 Jaden-23Jaden-23 Jaden-24Jaden-24 Jaden-27Jaden-27 Jaden-28Jaden-28 Jaden-29Jaden-29 Jaden-31Jaden-31 Jaden-32Jaden-32 Jaden-33Jaden-33 Jaden-34Jaden-34 Jaden-35Jaden-35 Jaden-41Jaden-41 Jaden-42Jaden-42 Jaden-44-2Jaden-44-2 Jaden-46Jaden-46 Jaden-49Jaden-49 Jaden-50Jaden-50

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Mon, 19 Oct 2020 20:51:16 GMT
Ellie ~ Arboretum We originally had Ellie's photo shoot scheduled for two hours before sunset. However, the weather had other plans for us. With rain forecast, we moved the session to afternoon. It was supposed to be cloudy, but the sun kept peeking brilliantly through the clouds! You have to be careful with strong midday sun as it can be harsh, but I'm happy to say all turned out fabulous in the end. And it did indeed rain later on, so we made the right decision in changing the time! With photography it is always good to be flexible:)

Every time I visit the arboretum it is different. On this day, there was just starting to be a tinge of fall colors, berries dotted foliage, and there were still a few colorful flower blooms to be found. It was gorgeous and so was Ellie, so I had a great time as we explored the grounds with my trusty camera in hand. We did run into a snake on one of the paths, which gave me a startle. No stopping by the snake for pics-ha! I loved Ellie's outfits--the cream sweater looked perfect for the pond and tall grass, the dress complimented the butterfly bench and open field, and the orange sweater coordinated perfectly with the early fall colors. At the end of the session we went to a different area close-by but off the grounds and tried out a really cool sculpture as a backdrop. It is always fun to experiment and try new things! 

Ellie is lovely inside and out and I'm so happy I had the chance to work with her. She is an accomplished young woman with a busy schedule, participating in cross country and track, playing the violin in orchestra, and writing for her school newspaper as a feature editor. The college search is complicated I'm sure due to Covid (makes college visits a bit of a challenge if you can visit at all!) but I'm sure she will land where she will thrive. I'm hoping when she starts college that classes can resume to be in person and she can get the full college experience. And I hope she has a great rest of her senior year, despite all the difficult changes that have taken place. 

Best wishes for a bright future, Ellie! It was a true honor to be your senior photographer!

Ellie Snider-1Ellie Snider-1 Ellie Snider-3-3Ellie Snider-3-3

Ellie Snider-5-2Ellie Snider-5-2 Ellie Snider-6-2Ellie Snider-6-2 Ellie Snider-7Ellie Snider-7 Ellie Snider-8Ellie Snider-8 Ellie Snider-9-2Ellie Snider-9-2 Ellie Snider-10Ellie Snider-10 Ellie Snider-12Ellie Snider-12 Ellie Snider-16-2Ellie Snider-16-2 Ellie Snider-18Ellie Snider-18 Ellie Snider-20Ellie Snider-20 Ellie Snider-27Ellie Snider-27 Ellie Snider-31Ellie Snider-31 Ellie Snider-32-2Ellie Snider-32-2 Ellie Snider-35Ellie Snider-35 Ellie Snider-36Ellie Snider-36 Ellie Snider-38-4Ellie Snider-38-4 Ellie Snider-40-3Ellie Snider-40-3 Ellie Snider-41Ellie Snider-41 Ellie Snider-47Ellie Snider-47 Ellie Snider-50Ellie Snider-50 Ellie Snider-51Ellie Snider-51 Ellie Snider-52Ellie Snider-52 Ellie Snider-53Ellie Snider-53 Ellie Snider-55Ellie Snider-55 Ellie Snider-59Ellie Snider-59 Ellie Snider-63Ellie Snider-63

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Wed, 14 Oct 2020 18:41:18 GMT
Kessler ~ Family and Downtown Mini Session Despite being super photogenic, Kessler is not a fan of having his picture taken. Which I can certainly sympathize with as I much prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. But he certainly came through for both family pics and a quick downtown mini session! Kessler has the most intense blue eyes and I have to say my camera was just not able to take a bad picture of him! He looked handsome in every single one

We started out at his home for the family pics that included the family dogs. And boy did a miracle happen—I caught all THREE dogs looking at the camera at the same time. I love that photo so much! We then moved out to the bright sunshine for a few more poses with a country feel and then back to the shaded yard to finish up the family portion of the shoot. By that time the setting sun was seeping through the shade and casting glowy orange and gold rays. Perfect backdrop for an early autumn vibe. I actually do not usually do family pics as I like to concentrate on seniors, but Kessler’s mom, Angie, is a friend of mine from way back. So when she asked, of course I had to say yes. And I am so glad I did! Doing something I normally don’t do stretched and challenged me as a photographer, which is a good thing. And I was so happy to be able to create these beautiful family portraits for my friend. 

After the family photos, we moved to downtown for Kessler’s senior session. By this time I think he was quite tired of having his picture taken, but you would never know it by looking at the photos! It was a quick 15 minute shoot and we made use of three spots in a concentrated area—a brick wall, red warehouse door, and a rich looking wood backdrop. I am really pleased with the variety we got and have to give credit to my wonderful model. He was a real trouper. And with every click of the camera he delivered. I know he made his mom (and grandmas) really happy. These photos will be treasured for years to come by those who love him. And I hope one day he will look back and be glad he had them taken. As you grow older, you realize youth is fleeting. So how lucky we are to be able to capture a moment in time with photography! So thank you, Kessler, for being patient with me as I clicked away like a crazed woman. I adore your photos and am grateful I had the chance to do your senior portraits.

Crop-Speigle-1Crop-Speigle-1 Crop-Speigle-2Crop-Speigle-2 Crop-Speigle-3Crop-Speigle-3 Speigle-18Speigle-18 Speigle-19Speigle-19 Crop-Speigle-40Crop-Speigle-40 Crop-Speigle-4-4Crop-Speigle-4-4 Crop-Speigle-5Crop-Speigle-5 Speigle-38Speigle-38 Speigle-43Speigle-43 Speigle-45Speigle-45 Crop-Speigle-7Crop-Speigle-7 Speigle-46Speigle-46 Speigle-42Speigle-42 Speigle-50Speigle-50 Speigle-51Speigle-51 Speigle-53Speigle-53 Speigle-54-2Speigle-54-2 Crop-Speigle-8Crop-Speigle-8 Speigle-56Speigle-56 Speigle-57Speigle-57 Speigle-58Speigle-58 Speigle-60-2Speigle-60-2 Speigle-61Speigle-61 Speigle-64Speigle-64    Speigle-67-2Speigle-67-2




(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Wed, 30 Sep 2020 16:50:00 GMT
Allaina ~ Farm This is my third year photographing Allaina and her 4-H animals at the farm. This year Ziggy the pig and Marlo the dairy steer are featured! Ziggy was a hoot, posing up a storm. And just take a look at all his different expressions! I told Allaina and her mom that Ziggy needs a modeling contract--ha! Marlo was a very playful, ornery, and curious steer, but settled down for some sweet snuggly pics and even tried to give Allaina a few kisses over the fence.

This will be Allaina's last year showing her 4-H animals. She is on her way to being a very busy college student at Trine University on a figure skating scholarship. Soon she will be competing at the collegiate level at ice arenas, but her next competition will be at our local fairgrounds, leading Marlo and herding Ziggy in the ring. Our county fair this year is going to be a little different due to Covid. There won't be any rides, endless food booths, or bustling display and commercial halls, but all the 4-H'ers will still be able to participate with their projects and animals. After all the work that goes into being a part of 4-H and raising animals, I am glad that the fair was not totally cancelled. 

During a break between clicking away and capturing images of Allaina with Ziggy and Marlo, Allaina's dad suggested I take some pics of her with an old rusty cattle trailer named "The Last  Ride" since this would be her farewell to 4-H and the fair as an exhibitor. I thought it was a marvelous idea and was totally onboard! I adore how they turned out and the sentiment behind them. I loved the old rusty trailer so much, that after I was finally done with the animal pics, I asked Allaina to continue to pose using the trailer as a backdrop. She was a good sport and agreed even though she had wrestled with her animals and got her clothes dirty--which I happen to think makes the pics all the more authentic! After all, what is a farm girl without some mud and animal slobber? Somehow Allaina managed to look totally glamorous and absolutely beautiful despite wearing clothes that weren't pristine, but this didn't surprise me at all. I actually don't think Allaina is capable of taking a bad pic and I'm grateful I have been able to capture her these past three years. She is ALWAYS such a lovely subject to have in front of my camera lens and her big brown eyes are jaw droppingly gorgeous. I'm really going to miss going out to the farm and spending time with Allaina and her animals. Makes me sad this will be the last time, but at least there are these photos to remember the fun we have had!

Best wishes, Allaina, for a successful showing at the fair with Marlo and Ziggy! It has been a joy to be part of your 4-H journey!  

  Allaina Summer 2020-2Allaina Summer 2020-2 Allaina Summer 2020-4Allaina Summer 2020-4 Allaina Summer 2020-5Allaina Summer 2020-5 Allaina Summer 2020-8Allaina Summer 2020-8 Allaina Summer 2020-9Allaina Summer 2020-9 Allaina Summer 2020-26Allaina Summer 2020-26 Allaina Summer 2020-27-2Allaina Summer 2020-27-2 Allaina Summer 2020-29Allaina Summer 2020-29 Allaina Summer 2020-33Allaina Summer 2020-33 Allaina Summer 2020-51Allaina Summer 2020-51 Allaina Summer 2020-56Allaina Summer 2020-56 Allaina Summer 2020-60Allaina Summer 2020-60 Allaina Summer 2020-61Allaina Summer 2020-61 Allaina Summer 2020-69-3Allaina Summer 2020-69-3 Allaina Summer 2020-72-2Allaina Summer 2020-72-2 Allaina Summer 2020-74-2Allaina Summer 2020-74-2 Allaina Summer 2020-77-2Allaina Summer 2020-77-2 Allaina Summer 2020-90Allaina Summer 2020-90 Allaina Summer 2020-92Allaina Summer 2020-92 Allaina Summer 2020-94Allaina Summer 2020-94 Allaina Summer 2020-95Allaina Summer 2020-95 Allaina Summer 2020-96Allaina Summer 2020-96 Allaina Summer 2020-99Allaina Summer 2020-99 Allaina Summer 2020-105Allaina Summer 2020-105 Allaina Summer 2020-106Allaina Summer 2020-106 Allaina Summer 2020-112Allaina Summer 2020-112 Allaina Summer 2020-121-2Allaina Summer 2020-121-2 Allaina Summer 2020-128Allaina Summer 2020-128 Allaina Summer 2020-129Allaina Summer 2020-129 Allaina Summer 2020-131Allaina Summer 2020-131

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Thu, 20 Aug 2020 23:23:48 GMT
Neena ~ Arboretum and Downtown I have known Neena since she was a tiny ballerina. She has shared many moments on stage and off with my daughter, who is a few years older. Neena's mama is also a friend of mine. So this made this particular photography session extra special! I was so excited to be able to capture some wonderful senior moments for Neena and her family! Having watched her grow into a graceful leading lady of the dance stage has been an absolute pleasure. Neena was supposed to be Belle in Ballet Wooster's production of Beauty and the Beast this past spring, but of course that was cancelled. I took some publicity pics of her in her beautiful yellow Belle costume shortly before Covid closed everything down. It is my hope that sometime during her senior year she will be able to dance as Belle and get to don that radiant costume again. After all the years of hard and dedicated work in ballet, Neena deserves a last moment to shine on the stage!

Neena had asked for a split session encompassing the arboretum and downtown. We started out at the arboretum. It was a bright and sunny day so we had to scout out areas of shade. Luckily we found some perfect backdrops! It was hard to stop taking pics there (could have gone on forever with my beautiful subject), but downtown was calling and so we moved over there before the sun went down. It is hard for me to decide which setting I like best! Both places offer a unique atmosphere and picturesque spots. So I'm glad Neena choose both!

Neena owes her gorgeous features to her Italian, German, and Navajo heritage. What a stunning combination! It is hard to take a bad photo of Neena. Smiling or serious, she commands the camera lens in her own unique way. I'm grateful and honored to have had a chance to be her senior photographer. Besides dance, visual arts classes and music also play a big part of her life. Especially music! She plays piccolo and flute in marching band, symphonic band and orchestra. She sings in concert choir and chamber choir as well. She is a busy and determined student who excels in all she does. Her plans for college includes pursing a degree in one of her great passions--music! She would also like to study political science as a minor or dual major. I'm looking forward to seeing where life leads this smart, talented, sweet and fiercely strong young woman! She is going places for sure! 

  Neena Shell-22Neena Shell-22 Neena Shell-28Neena Shell-28 Neena Shell-33Neena Shell-33 Neena Shell-37Neena Shell-37 Neena Shell-40Neena Shell-40   Neena Shell-14Neena Shell-14   Neena Shell-43Neena Shell-43 Neena Shell-44Neena Shell-44   Neena Shell-47-4Neena Shell-47-4   Neena Shell-46Neena Shell-46    Neena Shell-50Neena Shell-50 Neena Shell-51Neena Shell-51 Neena Shell-66Neena Shell-66 Neena Shell-68Neena Shell-68 Neena Shell-71Neena Shell-71 Neena Shell-72Neena Shell-72 Neena Shell-73Neena Shell-73 Neena Shell-78Neena Shell-78 Neena Shell-85Neena Shell-85 Neena Shell-87Neena Shell-87 Neena Shell-88Neena Shell-88 Neena Shell-90Neena Shell-90 Neena Shell-93Neena Shell-93 Neena Shell-94Neena Shell-94 Neena Shell-97Neena Shell-97 Neena Shell-98Neena Shell-98 Neena Shell-99Neena Shell-99 Neena Shell-100-2Neena Shell-100-2 Neena Shell-102Neena Shell-102 Neena Shell-101Neena Shell-101


(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Thu, 09 Jul 2020 17:45:36 GMT
Chloe ~ Downtown and Arboretum I did a split session with Chloe. First we visited downtown for an urban vibe and then we headed to the arboretum for some nature shots. Best of both worlds! I loved Chloe's red hair and deep blue eyes so much. Just gorgeous. Chloe is a dancer for Ballet Wooster and so, of course, we had to do some ballet shots. Tutu shots are so much fun to photograph! I adore them! We were lucky with weather. Temperature was in the 70's and quite comfortable. It was a perfect June day and one I'm sure Chloe will always remember thanks to the resulting beautiful portraits. I think senior photos are so very important. They capture a landmark time in a young person's life and go on to become treasured keepsakes. A picture is forever and priceless!

I hope Chloe's senior year includes a chance to take the stage again in ballet. Her spring production of Beauty and the Beast was cancelled like so many other things due to Covid. I also hope she has the chance to go to prom and have a traditional graduation ceremony. It is a strange new world and so many things to sort out as we maneuver our way through the challenges ahead. But no matter what, I know Chloe is headed for a bright future. She is lovely, hardworking, and kind. After graduation she hopes to explore various medical fields to decide what avenue of medicine she wants to pursue. What wonderful and needed career goals to have! Those in healthcare are true heroes and it doesn't surprise me at all that Chloe is headed in that direction. 

Thanks, Chloe, for having me as your senior photographer! I truly enjoyed working with you on the other side of the camera lens and wish you the best in your senior year!

  CG-4-2CG-4-2 CG-6-11CG-6-11 CG-18CG-18 CG-11-4CG-11-4    CG-15-4CG-15-4 CG-23CG-23    CG-29-4CG-29-4 CG-34-3CG-34-3 CG-33-3CG-33-3 CG-38-3CG-38-3 CG-42-4CG-42-4 CG-44CG-44 CG-45CG-45 CG-46-2CG-46-2 CG-55-2CG-55-2 CG-58-2CG-58-2 CG-60CG-60 CG-63CG-63 CG-64CG-64 CG-74CG-74 CG-81CG-81 CG-93CG-93 CG-92-2CG-92-2    CG-100CG-100 CG-101CG-101 CG-99CG-99 CG-102CG-102 CG-103CG-103 CG-106CG-106

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Fri, 26 Jun 2020 16:56:16 GMT
Hope ~ Arboretum Session Back in the fall, I was thinking about upgrading my camera. Before investing in something so expensive, I decided to rent the model of camera I was considering to see how much I liked it. I had it for a week and asked my daughter Hope to be my test subject. Being the good sport she is, she agreed. I had two senior sessions scheduled later that week and wanted to familiarize myself with the camera and settings before doing an official shoot. After I took the photos of Hope I checked a few I had taken and was very happy with the camera and decided to purchase it as a Christmas gift for myself. Then I got busy with editing photos for paying clients and a million other things in life and her photos were put on the back burner. Well, the past few months have been pretty slow with the shelter in place order, so I finally managed to get busy with putting the finishing touches on Hope's pictures. I'm so glad I did. I love these photos of Hope so much! I am one lucky mama and looking at these photos makes my heart swell. So proud of this wonderful girl of mine. 

Hope just finished her sophomore year of college--dual majoring in Musical Theatre and Biology. It was a much different semester than expected, most of it spent at home doing online classes due to Covid-19. Like many young people she has dealt with disappointment over the many things that have been canceled. She had been cast as the lead in a production of Footloose and was so excited about that, only to have the theatre close a few weeks after auditions. But she is understanding of the situation and handled it with such grace. I think of my seniors from this past year--prom and graduation ceremonies suddenly swept away from them. I know some young people have gotten a bad rap for not being responsible, but the young people I know have been handling things with maturity and a remarkable attitude despite all normal rights of passage that have been taken away from them. Many have lost so much more than they have and they are well aware of that. I have had the best seniors and am looking forward to working with the next new batch of seniors who will be graduating in 2021. I hope their year will be trending back to all the normal landmarks and that better days are ahead for everyone. 

When I snapped these pics of Hope we didn't have a clue as to how the world would dramatically change in a few short months. It has been a strange journey for sure. But one thing remains constant and that is love. The love and care we have for those we know and even those we don't know. It is what gets us through difficult times and I take comfort in that. And I'm glad I was able to shelter in place with this girl that I love so much.

HK-1HK-1 HK-4HK-4 HK-5HK-5 HK-6HK-6 HK-7HK-7 HK-13HK-13 HK-15HK-15 HK-16HK-16 HK-17HK-17 HK-18HK-18 HK-20HK-20 HK-21HK-21 HK-24HK-24 HK-25HK-25 HK-32-3HK-32-3 HK-33HK-33 HK-34HK-34 HK-40HK-40 HK-41-2HK-41-2 HK-41HK-41 HK-44HK-44 HK-45HK-45 HK-47HK-47 HK-48HK-48 HK-51HK-51 HK-52-2HK-52-2 HK-53HK-53 HK-54HK-54 HK-55HK-55 HK-56HK-56 HK-61HK-61 HK-62HK-62 HK-63HK-63                          

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Mon, 11 May 2020 16:36:47 GMT
Abbey ~ Headshot and Winter Session Abbey is a student at The Ohio State University studying Agriculture Communications with plans to be a future farm owner! How cool is that? She is currently Ohio Miss Agriculture and National Miss Agriculture USA Runner-Up and needed a headshot for the upcoming competition season. The day she scheduled her headshot it was cold and snowy. Burr! We started off inside the barn (and wow the lighting is fantastic in there!) and then moved to take some more headshots outside the painted red barn, which was equally as pretty. I can't decide which backdrop I like best. Good thing I don't have to make that decision:)  

Of course, after we went outside I couldn't help but want to extend the session and take some snow pics. Fortunately, Abbey was game and happily braved the elements for me and my camera. During part of the shoot flakes of snow came slowly drifting down. I loved her red hair against the stark white--so striking! And her coat ended up being perfect and OH MY GOSH the popped up fur hood framing her face made me forgot how cold it was. I just wanted to keep on snapping away. This past summer her sister did a senior session at the same location and some of my favorites were of her on an overturned rowboat. Well, that overtuned boat was still there and I HAD to have Abbey give it a go, too. It was damp and freezing this time, but you wouldn't know it by looking at Abbey. She smiled and posed as if she were Elsa from Frozen singing "the cold never bothered me anyway"--ha. Though with her red hair she looks a lot more like Anna:) I'm sure she was actually quite cold, but you can't tell from looking at the photos!

This was the first time I did a photo shoot in the snow and it was so much fun. Thanks, Abbey for being such a good sport!

AW-11AW-11 AW-12AW-12 AW-16AW-16 AW-23AW-23 AW-26AW-26 AW-28AW-28 AW-30AW-30 AW-33AW-33 AW-36AW-36 AW-39AW-39 AW-40AW-40 AW-42AW-42 AW-45AW-45 AW-49AW-49 AW-52AW-52 AW-58AW-58 AW-59AW-59 AW-63AW-63 AW-64AW-64 AW-65AW-65 AW-69AW-69 AW-72AW-72 AW-73AW-73  


(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Thu, 13 Feb 2020 02:00:15 GMT
Allaina ~ College of Wooster Allaina suggested The College of Wooster for her fall photo session. I had never shot there, so I was game to try something new. It ended up being perfect! The trees were brilliant in oranges, yellows, and reds and the ground was beginning to accumulate a carpet of leaves that had fallen. There were interesting architectural details on campus and we found a playful yellow Adirondack chair that added a great pop of color as well. We also had the added bonus of live music as Allaina was posing--The College of Wooster marching band was rehearsing a Queen song for much of the session! That just added to the fun:)

I have taken photos of Allaina since the summer before her junior year, when she agreed to be a practice model for me as I started my photography business. I was then her official senior photographer this past year, taking photos of her in a variety of settings, including a farm shoot with her 4-H animals. Allaina is my most photographed senior and, oh, how I will miss having her gorgeous face and big brown eyes in front of my camera! I even joked to her mom to please have her wait another year to graduate. It makes me a bit sad to have our senior photoshoots coming to an end. But I think Allaina is ready for the next stage of her life and I'm excited for all the wonderful things in store for her as she begins college life. So thank you, Allaina, for choosing me to be the one clicking my camera to capture your senior portraits. I've loved every single moment with you and it has been a true honor. And at least I have one more session of you at the rink with your skates on to look forward to!

Allaina Fall-2Allaina Fall-2 Allaina Fall-3Allaina Fall-3 Allaina Fall-8Allaina Fall-8 Allaina Fall-9Allaina Fall-9 Allaina Fall-10Allaina Fall-10 Allaina Fall-16Allaina Fall-16 Allaina Fall-21Allaina Fall-21 Allaina Fall-22Allaina Fall-22 Allaina Fall-28Allaina Fall-28 Allaina Fall-29Allaina Fall-29 Allaina Fall-30Allaina Fall-30 Allaina Fall-35Allaina Fall-35 Allaina Fall-37Allaina Fall-37 Allaina Fall-38Allaina Fall-38 Allaina Fall-39Allaina Fall-39 Allaina Fall-40Allaina Fall-40 Allaina Fall-41Allaina Fall-41 Allaina Fall-48Allaina Fall-48 Allaina Fall-50Allaina Fall-50 Allaina Fall-51Allaina Fall-51 Allaina Fall-53Allaina Fall-53 Allaina Fall-54Allaina Fall-54 Allaina Fall-55Allaina Fall-55 Allaina Fall-58Allaina Fall-58 Allaina Fall-60Allaina Fall-60 Allaina Fall-62Allaina Fall-62 Allaina Fall-63Allaina Fall-63 Allaina Fall-66Allaina Fall-66 Allaina Fall-69Allaina Fall-69 Allaina Fall-71Allaina Fall-71

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Thu, 21 Nov 2019 18:15:35 GMT
Bryn ~ Secrest Arboretum Fall Session I was so excited to be photographing beautiful, beautiful Bryn again! This time it was a fall session at Secrest Arboretum. And wow, did I get some striking photos! Sometimes magic happens and this was definitely a magical session. The leaves were just beginning to change and drop and the skies were overcast, which gave everything a moody, mysterious and rich autumn-like glow. Of course, Bryn helped with that glow, too; she is an absolutely radiant young woman! Love the way the light showcased that gorgeous curly hair of hers and those deep, deep blue eyes. Between the summer shoot downtown and this one, I really don't know how she and her mom are going to choose photos for her graduation announcement when the time comes! It seems like it will be an impossible task--Bryn you are just way too photogenic--ha! Bryn is planning on studying psychology in college. I hope she has a fun-filled rest of her senior year amidst all the activities she is involved with and that she enjoys life as a college student as well in the years to come! 

Oh, and Bryn is going to soon be playing Marty (one of the pink ladies) in Wooster High School's production of Grease! Show runs November 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24. Can't wait to see her! Break a leg Bryn!

Bryn Savidge Fall -2Bryn Savidge Fall -2 Bryn Savidge Fall -7Bryn Savidge Fall -7 Bryn Savidge Fall -11Bryn Savidge Fall -11 Bryn Savidge Fall -12Bryn Savidge Fall -12 Bryn Savidge Fall -13Bryn Savidge Fall -13 Bryn Savidge Fall -15Bryn Savidge Fall -15 Bryn Savidge Fall -17Bryn Savidge Fall -17 Bryn Savidge Fall -18Bryn Savidge Fall -18 Bryn Savidge Fall -21-2Bryn Savidge Fall -21-2 Bryn Savidge Fall -22Bryn Savidge Fall -22 Bryn Savidge Fall -23Bryn Savidge Fall -23 Bryn Savidge Fall -24Bryn Savidge Fall -24 Bryn Savidge Fall -25Bryn Savidge Fall -25 Bryn Savidge Fall -31Bryn Savidge Fall -31 Bryn Savidge Fall -33Bryn Savidge Fall -33 Bryn Savidge Fall -35Bryn Savidge Fall -35 Bryn Savidge Fall -37Bryn Savidge Fall -37 Bryn Savidge Fall -40Bryn Savidge Fall -40 Bryn Savidge Fall -41Bryn Savidge Fall -41 Bryn Savidge Fall -43Bryn Savidge Fall -43 Bryn Savidge Fall -44Bryn Savidge Fall -44 Bryn Savidge Fall -47Bryn Savidge Fall -47 Bryn Savidge Fall -50Bryn Savidge Fall -50 Bryn Savidge Fall -52Bryn Savidge Fall -52 Bryn Savidge Fall -53Bryn Savidge Fall -53 Bryn Savidge Fall -56Bryn Savidge Fall -56 Bryn Savidge Fall -60Bryn Savidge Fall -60 Bryn Savidge Fall -61Bryn Savidge Fall -61 Bryn Savidge Fall -62Bryn Savidge Fall -62 Bryn Savidge Fall -65Bryn Savidge Fall -65

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Tue, 12 Nov 2019 02:58:52 GMT
Anna ~ Downtown Session Anna is such a busy young woman, that I'm not quite sure how she found time to schedule her senior pics. But I am glad she did! At the time of her session she was juggling soccer, writing for the school newspaper, participating on the Speech and Debate Team, and rehearsing for her high school musical Grease (she is going to be a pink lady soon--opening night is November 16!)  Whew! Not sure how she does it all, but not only does she keep up, she excels at everything she is involved with.

Anna chose a downtown setting and it was a slightly crisp but warm enough fall day that she didn't have to bundle up in a coat or worry about shivering. I love fall sessions, but you never know how warm or cold it will be! Many of the summer flowers were done blooming, but luckily they were replaced with fall mums in oranges and yellows which provided a nice splash of color in the background. But my favorite thing about the session was the occasional gusts of winds that blew her hair perfectly. Though I love windblown shots, it is hard to take photographs if the wind is relentless and continually blowing hair around, but the wind cooperated with us nicely and for the most part stayed away until I needed it. So thank you wind!

I really enjoyed spending time with Anna during the shoot. She is lovely and kind and has accomplished so much during her high school years. I have no doubt that she is going to excel at college as well and I wish her all the best!

Anna Nacci-21Anna Nacci-21     Anna Nacci-10Anna Nacci-10 Anna Nacci-12Anna Nacci-12 Anna Nacci-15Anna Nacci-15 Anna Nacci-25Anna Nacci-25 Anna Nacci-28Anna Nacci-28 Anna Nacci-32Anna Nacci-32 Anna Nacci-33Anna Nacci-33 Anna Nacci-36Anna Nacci-36   Anna Nacci-45Anna Nacci-45 Anna Nacci-47Anna Nacci-47 Anna Nacci-48Anna Nacci-48 Anna Nacci-51Anna Nacci-51 Anna Nacci-53Anna Nacci-53 Anna Nacci-57Anna Nacci-57    Anna Nacci-63Anna Nacci-63 Anna Nacci-64Anna Nacci-64 Anna Nacci-65Anna Nacci-65    Anna Nacci-80Anna Nacci-80 Anna Nacci-83Anna Nacci-83 Anna Nacci-85Anna Nacci-85 Anna Nacci-87Anna Nacci-87

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Sat, 09 Nov 2019 17:43:36 GMT
Violette ~ Downtown Violette is an incredible young woman and athlete. She plays goalkeeper for Internationals Soccer Club, which part of the the Elite Clubs National League. She is often found traveling across the country to play, not to mention the intensive practices required, so I'm glad she found a brief opening in her schedule to get her senior pictures taken with me! The dedication and hard work regarding soccer has paid off as she has committed to play for Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania next year. I love that she brought her soccer jersey and soccer ball to the photo shoot. It is such an important part of her life and now she will have some senior photos capturing that! And I love that she was able to wear a college t-shirt as one of her other outfit changes, too, since she--unlike many seniors--already knows where she is going! It will make a great photo to include in a graduation announcement. I told her it must be nice to relax during her senior year instead of stressing over applications and not knowing where she will end up! 

It was a lot of fun wandering downtown with Violette, finding spots to stop and frame her in my camera. I tried some new spots, including some wonderfully decorated store window fronts which made for great backdrops and reflections. She was game to try anything! Violette was just as sweet and pretty as the flower her name reminds me of and I'm so happy I could capture these beautiful photos for her and her family. I wish her all the best when she heads to Lehigh University next year. I know she'll do great!

Violette Bonvallet-1Violette Bonvallet-1 Violette Bonvallet-3Violette Bonvallet-3 Violette Bonvallet-8Violette Bonvallet-8 Violette Bonvallet-12Violette Bonvallet-12 Violette Bonvallet-13Violette Bonvallet-13 Violette Bonvallet-16Violette Bonvallet-16 Violette Bonvallet-19Violette Bonvallet-19 Violette Bonvallet-23Violette Bonvallet-23 Violette Bonvallet-24Violette Bonvallet-24 Violette Bonvallet-25Violette Bonvallet-25 Violette Bonvallet-27Violette Bonvallet-27 Violette Bonvallet-30Violette Bonvallet-30 Violette Bonvallet-41Violette Bonvallet-41 Violette Bonvallet-44Violette Bonvallet-44 Violette Bonvallet-46Violette Bonvallet-46 Violette Bonvallet-52Violette Bonvallet-52 Violette Bonvallet-53Violette Bonvallet-53 Violette Bonvallet-59Violette Bonvallet-59 Violette Bonvallet-63Violette Bonvallet-63 Violette Bonvallet-66Violette Bonvallet-66 Violette Bonvallet-67Violette Bonvallet-67 Violette Bonvallet-73Violette Bonvallet-73   Violette Bonvallet-79Violette Bonvallet-79   Violette Bonvallet-81Violette Bonvallet-81 Violette Bonvallet-82Violette Bonvallet-82 Violette Bonvallet-85Violette Bonvallet-85    Violette Bonvallet-90Violette Bonvallet-90 Violette Bonvallet-93Violette Bonvallet-93 Violette Bonvallet-94Violette Bonvallet-94    Violette Bonvallet-101Violette Bonvallet-101   


(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Thu, 03 Oct 2019 20:40:13 GMT
Allaina ~ Farm Besides being a competitive figure skater, Allaina also keeps busy with 4 -H. She raised a steer, hog, and dairy calf for the fair. So she is both a glamorous figure skater in sequined costumes and a down to earth farm girl getting dirt on her plaid shirts. I love that about her. She wanted to show her country girl roots so what better place than the farm she spends much of her time on when she is not gliding across ice! I can't decide what my favorite backdrop there was--the tall sunflowers, the white barn, the red barn, the cornfield, or the pond!

Allaina is planning on pursuing Athletic Training in college. I hope she has a fabulous senior year and I wish her all the best! She has been the most amazing subject to have on the other side of my lens. Can a camera fall in love? I think mine did with Allaina :) Thank you, Allaina, for asking me to take your senior pics!

Allaina Werstler Farm-6Allaina Werstler Farm-6 Allaina Werstler Farm-11Allaina Werstler Farm-11 Allaina Werstler Farm-16Allaina Werstler Farm-16 Allaina Werstler Farm-20Allaina Werstler Farm-20 Allaina Werstler Farm-27Allaina Werstler Farm-27 Allaina Werstler Farm-28Allaina Werstler Farm-28 Allaina Werstler Farm-32Allaina Werstler Farm-32 Allaina Werstler Farm-38Allaina Werstler Farm-38 Allaina Werstler Farm-48Allaina Werstler Farm-48 Allaina Werstler Farm-50Allaina Werstler Farm-50 Allaina Werstler Farm-52Allaina Werstler Farm-52 Allaina Steer-Hog-26Allaina Steer-Hog-26 Allaina Werstler Farm-61Allaina Werstler Farm-61 Allaina Werstler Farm-68Allaina Werstler Farm-68 Allaina Werstler Farm-70Allaina Werstler Farm-70 Allaina Werstler Farm-76Allaina Werstler Farm-76 Allaina Werstler Farm-79Allaina Werstler Farm-79 Allaina Werstler Farm-84Allaina Werstler Farm-84 Allaina Werstler Farm-96Allaina Werstler Farm-96 Allaina Werstler Farm-98Allaina Werstler Farm-98 Allaina Werstler Farm-106Allaina Werstler Farm-106 Allaina Werstler Farm-109Allaina Werstler Farm-109 Allaina Werstler Farm-110Allaina Werstler Farm-110 Allaina Werstler Farm-114Allaina Werstler Farm-114 Allaina Werstler Farm-115Allaina Werstler Farm-115 Allaina Werstler Farm-118Allaina Werstler Farm-118 Allaina Werstler Farm-122Allaina Werstler Farm-122 Allaina Werstler Farm-125Allaina Werstler Farm-125    Allaina Werstler Farm-127Allaina Werstler Farm-127 Allaina Werstler Farm-133Allaina Werstler Farm-133





(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Mon, 09 Sep 2019 18:34:27 GMT
Allaina ~ Arboretum Tip to Seniors--bring a hat! Allaina brought one for her mini session at Secrest Arboretum and I'm so glad she did. There is just something really fun about posing with a hat. It is an easy way to change up a look and it highlights and brings attention to the eyes. And speaking of eyes--how big and sparkly and brown are Allaina's? Wow. Just wow. Her eyes are simply amazing! I'm in awe of them.

Allaina is a competitive figure skater and she brings a lot of sassy attitude with her when she takes the ice to perform. And she sure brought that attitude with her on this warm and golden August day for the benefit of the camera. I loved capturing this spunky senior. I've known Allaina since she was a little thing. An ornery tomboy with a short bob haircut that would go flying around the rink. What a joy it has been to watch her grow into the gorgeous young woman that she is today! 

I'm looking forward to photographing Allaina again soon. A full session with outfit changes, a picturesque farm setting, and her 4-H steer. Can't wait!

Allaina OARDC-1Allaina OARDC-1 Allaina OARDC-3Allaina OARDC-3 Allaina OARDC-4Allaina OARDC-4 Allaina OARDC-5Allaina OARDC-5 Allaina OARDC-8Allaina OARDC-8 Allaina OARDC-10Allaina OARDC-10 Allaina OARDC-13Allaina OARDC-13 Allaina OARDC-14Allaina OARDC-14 Allaina OARDC-15Allaina OARDC-15 Allaina OARDC-17Allaina OARDC-17 Allaina OARDC-19Allaina OARDC-19 Allaina OARDC-20Allaina OARDC-20 Allaina OARDC-23Allaina OARDC-23 Allaina OARDC-28Allaina OARDC-28 Allaina OARDC-29Allaina OARDC-29 Allaina OARDC-31Allaina OARDC-31 Allaina OARDC-35Allaina OARDC-35 Allaina OARDC-37Allaina OARDC-37 Allaina OARDC-40Allaina OARDC-40 Allaina OARDC-41Allaina OARDC-41 Allaina OARDC-45Allaina OARDC-45 Allaina OARDC-47Allaina OARDC-47 Allaina OARDC-50Allaina OARDC-50 Allaina OARDC-54Allaina OARDC-54 Allaina OARDC-55Allaina OARDC-55 Allaina OARDC-57Allaina OARDC-57




(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Thu, 22 Aug 2019 15:57:30 GMT
Bryn ~ Downtown Bryn is such an accomplished young woman. Not only is she involved with drama club, student government, and playing the violin in orchestra, she is also a two time National Champion for Speech and Debate! And she is beautiful to boot--tall, curly hair and deep blue eyes. I knew before I even started clicking the camera that she'd have some striking pics! But I learned something, too, as the session progressed. Even though there is no doubt  she has a radiant and gorgeous smile, Bryn is the absolute QUEEN of the serious look. I told her mom that it is hard for some to pose with a non-smiley look. It can come across as angry, sad, or annoyed. But with Bryn there is something dreamy and mysteriously fierce, strong, sweet, and gentle at the same time when she doesn't flash her pearly whites. Her mom called it a Mona Lisa smile and said it runs in the family. Though I love her smiley pics, I think my favorites of Bryn are when she is rocking her serious look! I adored the stylish outfits she put together, too. The bright orange floral romper really popped against the grayish blue brick wall. And the blazer, double circle belt, and black converse hightop combo were perfect for the pavilion setting. In the photo of her holding onto the dangling chain links, she reminded me of a model in a high fashion magazine ad:)

I'm lucky and honored that I got to take Bryn's senior pictures. I know wherever she is headed, she has a bright future ahead of her! I have no doubt this girl is going places! And I'm glad she will always have these lovely photos to remind her of her all important senior year.

Bryn S-2Bryn S-2 Bryn S-8Bryn S-8 Bryn S-12Bryn S-12 Bryn S-15Bryn S-15    Bryn S-24Bryn S-24 Bryn S-25Bryn S-25 Bryn S-23Bryn S-23 Bryn S-30Bryn S-30 Bryn S-33Bryn S-33 Bryn S-34Bryn S-34 Bryn S-36Bryn S-36 Bryn S-38Bryn S-38 Bryn S-39Bryn S-39 Bryn S-43Bryn S-43 Bryn S-50Bryn S-50 Bryn S-55Bryn S-55      Bryn S-60Bryn S-60 Bryn S-67Bryn S-67 Bryn S-80Bryn S-80 Bryn S-81Bryn S-81 Bryn S-82Bryn S-82 Bryn S-89Bryn S-89 Bryn S-90Bryn S-90 Bryn S-91Bryn S-91 Bryn S-92Bryn S-92 Bryn S-96Bryn S-96 Bryn S-97Bryn S-97 Bryn S-98Bryn S-98


(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Tue, 20 Aug 2019 15:24:32 GMT
Lizzie ~ Arboretum Many of the flowers were done blooming at our early August shoot (though we found a few still colorful and lingering), but there was still plenty of picturesque spots to be found at Secrest Arboretum. If you look closely I even managed to catch a few goldfish making a guest appearance in a couple of the pond shots! Just look for glimmers of gold among the greenish tinged water (3rd and 5th photos). Lizzie has the most gorgeous light green eyes and this setting sure showed them off. She was as pretty as a picture (literally) wherever we stopped and I began clicking. She is comfortable in front of the camera and it shows. Just easy, breezy, beautiful to work with. Like a cover girl model:) 

Besides dancing with Ballet Wooster, Lizzie also plays the flute. After she graduates, she is planning on studying Biology with an interest in pursuing genetic counseling. I wish her the best of luck! Thanks, Lizzie, for being one of my beautiful summer seniors! I loved capturing these "forever" moments with you.

Lizzie OARDC-4Lizzie OARDC-4 Lizzie OARDC-9Lizzie OARDC-9 Lizzie OARDC-10Lizzie OARDC-10 Lizzie OARDC-11Lizzie OARDC-11 Lizzie OARDC-12Lizzie OARDC-12 Lizzie OARDC-17Lizzie OARDC-17 Lizzie OARDC-18Lizzie OARDC-18 Lizzie OARDC-25Lizzie OARDC-25 Lizzie OARDC-27Lizzie OARDC-27 Lizzie OARDC-28Lizzie OARDC-28 Lizzie OARDC-30Lizzie OARDC-30 Lizzie OARDC-34Lizzie OARDC-34 Lizzie OARDC-35Lizzie OARDC-35 Lizzie OARDC-37Lizzie OARDC-37 Lizzie OARDC-40Lizzie OARDC-40 Lizzie OARDC-43Lizzie OARDC-43 Lizzie OARDC-47Lizzie OARDC-47 Lizzie OARDC-49Lizzie OARDC-49 Lizzie OARDC-52Lizzie OARDC-52

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Sun, 18 Aug 2019 16:17:33 GMT
Lizzie ~ Downtown Whether in a tutu or a cute denim skirt--Lizzie lets her natural beauty shine. She was such a joy to photograph. I met her and her mother on a pleasant August evening downtown. Lizzie dances for Ballet Wooster and so, of course, wanted some ballerina pics! So we started with that first. I love the juxtaposition of a graceful ballerina and downtown architecture. There is just something simply breathtaking about it. Once we were finished with the ballet shoot, we moved onto the pavilion area on the square. It has become one of my favorite backdrops for photos. Twinkling lights, flowers, metal chairs, surrounded by historic buildings. It is just perfect. And Lizzie took center stage there like a pro. She was perfect, too.  

Stay tuned. My next blog post will feature more of Lizzie at our Secrest Arboretum shoot. From an urban vibe to nature! 

Lizzie Downtown-1Lizzie Downtown-1 Lizzie Downtown-5Lizzie Downtown-5 Lizzie Downtown-7Lizzie Downtown-7 Lizzie Downtown-6Lizzie Downtown-6 Lizzie Downtown-8Lizzie Downtown-8 Lizzie Downtown-9Lizzie Downtown-9 Lizzie Downtown-12Lizzie Downtown-12 Lizzie Downtown-14Lizzie Downtown-14 Lizzie Downtown-17Lizzie Downtown-17 Lizzie Downtown-19Lizzie Downtown-19 Lizzie Downtown-22Lizzie Downtown-22 Lizzie Downtown-24Lizzie Downtown-24 Lizzie Downtown-28-2Lizzie Downtown-28-2 Lizzie Downtown-35Lizzie Downtown-35 Lizzie Downtown-30Lizzie Downtown-30 Lizzie Downtown-36Lizzie Downtown-36 Lizzie Downtown-38Lizzie Downtown-38 Lizzie Downtown-45Lizzie Downtown-45 Lizzie Downtown-47Lizzie Downtown-47 Lizzie Downtown-50Lizzie Downtown-50 Lizzie Downtown-52Lizzie Downtown-52 Lizzie Downtown-55Lizzie Downtown-55 Lizzie Downtown-58Lizzie Downtown-58 Lizzie Downtown-61Lizzie Downtown-61 Lizzie Downtown-62Lizzie Downtown-62


(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Fri, 16 Aug 2019 19:52:43 GMT
Isabel at the Arboretum I had so much fun doing Isabel's ballet shoot in downtown Wooster--and I was happy to have the chance to work with her again! Isabel chose the arboretum for her second shoot. Lots of different backgrounds there--from the small pond with waterfall to the rose garden and little nooks and crannies and bricked pathways. Isabel put together some different looks as well. I loved her casual and dressy combo she brought with her. I always strive to create a variety of pics to choose from and the backdrop and Isabel certainly come through! The purple flowers cascading down the wall were breathtaking--we luckily caught them in full glorious bloom! The big puffball flowers (not sure, but I think they are giant alliums?) were definitely not blooming and yet I absolutely love the way they framed the pictures of Isabel when I posed her in front of them. The arboretum is such a lovely place no matter the season, but it was made even lovelier by Isabel!

Isabel Smith-2Isabel Smith-2 Isabel Smith-6Isabel Smith-6 Isabel Smith-11Isabel Smith-11    Isabel Smith-23Isabel Smith-23    Isabel Smith-29Isabel Smith-29 Isabel Smith-31Isabel Smith-31 Isabel Smith-35Isabel Smith-35 Isabel Smith-36Isabel Smith-36 Isabel Smith-37Isabel Smith-37    Isabel Smith-38Isabel Smith-38 Isabel Smith-42Isabel Smith-42 Isabel Smith-45Isabel Smith-45    Isabel Smith-47Isabel Smith-47 Isabel Smith-49Isabel Smith-49 Isabel Smith-50Isabel Smith-50 Isabel Smith-55Isabel Smith-55 Isabel Smith-65Isabel Smith-65 Isabel Smith-68Isabel Smith-68 Isabel Smith-70Isabel Smith-70 Isabel Smith-72Isabel Smith-72 Isabel Smith-74Isabel Smith-74



(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Fri, 12 Jul 2019 21:47:09 GMT
Isabel Isabel has many talents. She is an accomplished member of the Speech and Debate team and a graceful ballerina who dances for Ballet Wooster. We have a traditional senior session scheduled later this month, but she also wanted to pay tribute to the time she has spent in pointe shoes. I suggested downtown Wooster for a backdrop and so we scheduled a Sunday evening. Unfortunately, the forecast said there was a chance of rain when we were scheduled to meet up, so we decided last minute to move it up a bit to afternoon instead. It was supposed  to be overcast, which is perfect for picture taking. But once she was ready and I got my camera out, the sun came out. Afternoon sun is great in most situations, but the camera doesn't love it at all. It is harsh, not to mention it makes people squint. So we had to be creative and look for any shady areas we could find. In the end, I'm glad the sun was out. I discovered several spots I have not used before, including a really cool, narrow alley space between two buildings. I'm pleased to say it all worked out. I got some absolutely gorgeous shots of Isabel. She is such a lovely girl and that loveliness radiated out to the camera lens with each click. I can't wait to see how her next session turns out! We are planning on a park setting and I'm sure she will be every bit as lovely among flowers and nature as she was among the historic buildings of our downtown area. 

Isabel Smith Ballet-5Isabel Smith Ballet-5 Isabel Smith Ballet-1Isabel Smith Ballet-1 Isabel Smith Ballet-10Isabel Smith Ballet-10 Isabel Smith Ballet-25Isabel Smith Ballet-25 Isabel Smith Ballet-14Isabel Smith Ballet-14 Isabel Smith Ballet-20Isabel Smith Ballet-20   Isabel Smith Ballet-31Isabel Smith Ballet-31 Isabel Smith Ballet-42-2Isabel Smith Ballet-42-2 Isabel Smith Ballet-45-3Isabel Smith Ballet-45-3 Isabel Smith Ballet-46Isabel Smith Ballet-46 Isabel Smith Ballet-49Isabel Smith Ballet-49 Isabel Smith Ballet-56Isabel Smith Ballet-56 Isabel Smith Ballet-64Isabel Smith Ballet-64 Isabel Smith Ballet-66Isabel Smith Ballet-66 Isabel Smith Ballet-67Isabel Smith Ballet-67 Isabel Smith Ballet-73Isabel Smith Ballet-73 Isabel Smith Ballet-82Isabel Smith Ballet-82

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Thu, 06 Jun 2019 17:01:46 GMT
Lexi Fall Session You might remember Lexi from this past summer. She took some wonderful photos in downtown Wooster. But it is always fun to do two different seasonal sessions when it comes to senior photos. Definitely a different look, different vibe between summer and fall. Fall is for boots, coats, sweaters, scarves and changing leaves! And Lexi took full advantage of this:) Loved the way Lexi styled her different looks for the cooler weather! I also loved the way she adapted to the "feel" of each different setting we used for this fall Oak Hill shoot. For example, the yellow chair pics have an aura of whimsy and fun and the red coat and blanket in the woods pics look mysteriously beautiful. Different aspects of her personality shined though, and when that happens it is like magic to a photographer:) Lexi also managed to look effortlessly glamorous and put together despite the brisk temperatures that day. It was quite chilly out, but Lexi handled it like a pro! To see more from Lexi's fall session, just visit my portfolio page.

Thanks, Lexi, for letting me be a part of your senior year. You are an amazing young woman and I know your future holds many wonderful things!

LNGallery-9LNGallery-9 LNGallery-14LNGallery-14    LNGallery-16LNGallery-16 LNGallery-20LNGallery-20   LNGallery-22LNGallery-22 LNGallery-23LNGallery-23 LNGallery-25LNGallery-25 LNGallery-27LNGallery-27 LNGallery-30LNGallery-30 LNGallery-39LNGallery-39 LNGallery-35LNGallery-35 LNGallery-41LNGallery-41 LNGallery-46LNGallery-46 LNGallery-51LNGallery-51 LNGallery-52LNGallery-52 LNGallery-43LNGallery-43 LNGallery-54LNGallery-54 LNGallery-56LNGallery-56 LNGallery-66LNGallery-66 LNGallery-72LNGallery-72 LNGallery-76LNGallery-76

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Sun, 18 Nov 2018 21:43:39 GMT
Hope So Hope happens to hold a very special place in my heart. As she should--she is my daughter:) I'm so proud of this girl. She is incredibly kind, smart, hardworking, talented, and responsible. Everything I could want in a daughter. She was certainly busy in high school--keeping up with ballet, figure skating, drama club, choir, and community theatre along with a boatload of AP classes. I am still amazed how she juggled it all and she did it with such grace. Hope is actually the reason I became interested in senior photography. I had some nice studio shots of her taken last summer, but wanted some outdoor natural light portraits as well. So my husband bought me a professional portrait lens for my birthday so I could try my hand at it. I took Hope's photos early this summer, right after her graduation, and now here we are! I had too much fun and didn't want to stop:)

Hope is currently in college happily studying Musical Theatre with plans to dual major in Zoology.

Love you bunches, Hope!

HK-Portfolio-3HK-Portfolio-3 HKport-1HKport-1 HK-Portfolio-8HK-Portfolio-8 HK-PortfolioB-2HK-PortfolioB-2 HK-Portfolio-11HK-Portfolio-11 HK-Portfolio-20HK-Portfolio-20 HK-Portfolio-22HK-Portfolio-22 Redited-14Redited-14 HK-Portfolio-32HK-Portfolio-32 HK-Portfolio-27HK-Portfolio-27

HK-PortfolioDowntown-1HK-PortfolioDowntown-1    HK-PortfolioDowntown-2HK-PortfolioDowntown-2   HK-PortfolioDowntown-5HK-PortfolioDowntown-5 HKport-4HKport-4 HK-PortfolioDowntown-24HK-PortfolioDowntown-24 HK-PortfolioDowntown-26HK-PortfolioDowntown-26

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Fri, 05 Oct 2018 00:14:10 GMT
Elliott and Marley As promised yesterday, here is my blog post dedicated to Elliott the steer and Marley the pig. Both participated in Allaina's photo shoot and I am so glad they did. Gosh what fun! Elliott was a big baby--very sweet and cooperative for the camera. He stood still and posed nicely looking quite handsome in the process. And Marley, well, Marley was quite ornery! What a character. He was attached to a bowling ball of all things--it was like his teddy bear. His bowling ball had to be in the pen with him at all times. But we managed to get him to leave his pen and beloved bowling ball for a few pics. In the first photo of Marley below you will see he was also fond of mini-marshmellows. Allaina had to bribe him with the treat to keep him from running and snorting around once we did get him away from his bowling ball and out of his pen:)

A barn cat happened to make a surprise appearance during the photo shoot as well. I don't know his name. He jumped on Allaina's lap as I was snapping away and I figured he did not want to be left out, so I went ahead and took his picture to make him happy. I talked about Allaina's gorgeous eyes in her blog post yesterday, but that cat sure has gorgeous eyes, too!

Thanks, Allaina and family, for having me over to the farm! It was an absolute blast!

AW-Portfolio-2-2AW-Portfolio-2-2 AW-Portfolio-3AW-Portfolio-3 4H-24H-2 4H-34H-3 AWport-6AWport-6    AW-Portfolio-4AW-Portfolio-4 4H-44H-4 AW-Portfolio-21AW-Portfolio-21 AW-Portfolio-8AW-Portfolio-8

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Tue, 02 Oct 2018 01:41:34 GMT
Allaina Allaina is a competitive figure skater, but she is also a farm girl at heart. So when I found out she wanted her photos taken with a farm setting I jumped at the chance. Her family invited me to come to the most charming farm where she kept her 4-H steer and hog. It was perfection--a white barn, a red barn, sunflowers, and a picturesque pond with windmill beautifully reflected in its still waters. We took many of her photos during the "golden hour" before sunset and the lighting was phenomenal. There was even enough natural light flooding into one of the barns that we got some dreamy shots inside. If it weren't for the sun setting, I could have taken photos for hours and hours more of Allaina. I was totally enchanted with the setting, but oh my goodness what totally got me were Allaina's eyes! Those big brown eyes packed a whole lot of WOW--just stunning. But alas the disappearing sun put an end to our session, though we managed to get a final shot of Allaina in a field with the last glimpse of orange on the horizon.

Stay tuned tomorrow--I am going to share more from our farm session. Photos of Allaina with Elliott the Steer and Marley the Pig deserve their own post!

AW-Portfolio-2AW-Portfolio-2 AW-Portfolio-1AW-Portfolio-1 AW-Portfolio-5AW-Portfolio-5 AW-Portfolio-7AW-Portfolio-7 AW-Portfolio-9AW-Portfolio-9 AW-Portfolio-11AW-Portfolio-11 AW-Portfolio-12AW-Portfolio-12 AW-Portfolio-4-2AW-Portfolio-4-2 AW-Portfolio-13AW-Portfolio-13    AW-Portfolio-17AW-Portfolio-17 AW-Portfolio-18AW-Portfolio-18 AWB-1AWB-1 AW-PortfolioB-2AW-PortfolioB-2 AW-Portfolio-19AW-Portfolio-19 AW-PortfolioB-1AW-PortfolioB-1  

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Mon, 01 Oct 2018 00:06:14 GMT
Josh Josh did such a terrific job. He was a good sport with all my posing requests and nailed looking confident and cool. Which wasn't easy. It was really warm and humid out! But you wouldn't know by looking at his pics:) Josh runs cross country and track and is an honors student. I don't think posing for pictures is one of his favorite things to do, but photos are pretty important to senior moms and boy did he come through with some great photos for his mom to choose from! I think he looks like he stepped out of a magazine. He brought with him a dressier look with belted khakis and a casual look with shorts and sneakers. Great choices which worked well in creating a bit of variety in his photos. He also did a few photos without his glasses to change things up as well. Options are always good when it comes to senior pics!

I really enjoyed working with Josh and meeting his mom and am so happy and honored to have captured some "forever" moments the summer before his senior year!

AW-PortfolioB-2AW-PortfolioB-2 AW-PortfolioB-3AW-PortfolioB-3 AW-PortfolioB-4AW-PortfolioB-4 JLport-3JLport-3 AW-PortfolioB-6AW-PortfolioB-6 AW-PortfolioB-8AW-PortfolioB-8 AW-PortfolioB-9AW-PortfolioB-9 AW-PortfolioB-10AW-PortfolioB-10 AW-PortfolioB-12AW-PortfolioB-12 AW-PortfolioB-13AW-PortfolioB-13 AW-PortfolioB-15AW-PortfolioB-15 AW-PortfolioB-16AW-PortfolioB-16 AW-PortfolioB-18AW-PortfolioB-18  

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Fri, 28 Sep 2018 01:41:19 GMT
Elizabeth Elizabeth is active in drama club and musical theatre. She shines on the stage (I saw her playing the lead, Emily, in Our Town and she was wonderful!) and she shines in front of the camera, too. She has the most gorgeous glowing complexion that the camera adores. Paired with her dark hair and eyes she reminds me of Snow White:) Love, love, love the yellow shoes she wore for her photo shoot. So cute! We walked by a yellow pole and I had to have her stop to take a photo leaning against it--her shoes matched the pole almost exactly! You might have noticed the pole in my prior blog post but Elizabeth was actually the first I photographed at that very spot, so she helped me discover a new favorite backdrop for senior photos thanks to those yellow shoes. I might not have noticed it otherwise. Elizabeth is planning on studying theatre in college and I wish her much luck as she continues to take the stage! And if there is ever an opportunity for her to audition for the part of Snow White, I think she should totally get the part.

EPPortfolio-8EPPortfolio-8 EPPortfolio-5EPPortfolio-5 EPPortfolio-2EPPortfolio-2 EPPort-5EPPort-5 EPPortfolio-12EPPortfolio-12 EPPortfolio-14EPPortfolio-14 EPPortfolio-30EPPortfolio-30 EPPortfolio-32EPPortfolio-32 EPPortfolio-33EPPortfolio-33 EPPort-2EPPort-2 EPPortfolio-22EPPortfolio-22 EPPortfolio-26EPPortfolio-26 EPPortfolio-23EPPortfolio-23  

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Wed, 26 Sep 2018 03:20:08 GMT
Lexi Lexi had the posing thing down pat. She was a natural and so good at improvising when I asked. As the session progressed I knew I could just say change your position and expression and she instinctively knew what to do to make the camera love her. I'd say she could pursue modeling, but she has plans to study neuroscience and eventually go on to medical school. She has also competed at the National level for Speech and Debate. Beauty and brains! She brought along her violin for a few pics--loved that! Want to see more pics of Lexi from her session? Just visit my Portfolio page:) 

Thank you, Lexi, for allowing me to take your senior pics! 

  LNRedited-5LNRedited-5 LN-Portfolio-1LN-Portfolio-1 LN-Portfolio-5LN-Portfolio-5 LN-Portfolio-8LN-Portfolio-8 LN-Portfolio-9LN-Portfolio-9   LN-Portfolio-11LN-Portfolio-11 LNport-5LNport-5     LN-Portfolio-12LN-Portfolio-12 LN-Portfolio-14LN-Portfolio-14 LN-Portfolio-15LN-Portfolio-15      LN-Portfolio-16LN-Portfolio-16    LN-Portfolio-19LN-Portfolio-19 LN-Portfolio-21LN-Portfolio-21

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Mon, 24 Sep 2018 03:13:10 GMT
Lauren Lauren is an amazing and accomplished figure skater. Not only is she lovely and expressive on the ice, she also is in front of the camera as well! She has a sweet side and a spunky side that I had so much fun capturing. I loved that with every clothing change she also switched things up with her hair. She rocks the messy bun look, doesn't she? It was hard to pick out my favorites from her Oak Hill session--Lauren is just too photogenic:) Check out more from her session on my Portfolio page!

LGPortfolio-11LGPortfolio-11 LGPortfolio-10LGPortfolio-10 LGPortfolio-12LGPortfolio-12 LGPortfolio-15LGPortfolio-15 LGPortfolio-1LGPortfolio-1 LGPortfolio-2LGPortfolio-2 LGPortfolio-4LGPortfolio-4 LG-84LG-84 LGPortfolio-25LGPortfolio-25 LGPortfolio-19LGPortfolio-19 LG-121LG-121 LGPortfolio-28LGPortfolio-28 LGPortfolio-30LGPortfolio-30 LGPortfolio-32LGPortfolio-32  



(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Fri, 21 Sep 2018 01:55:36 GMT
Summer 2018 What a great group of models I had for my Summer 2018 sessions. They made my job easy and so much fun! So without further ado I'd like to introduce Lauren, Lexi, Hope, Josh, Allaina, and Elizabeth. I will be featuring them each individually in the next few weeks on my blog, so check back often. I'm currently booking sessions for fall, so it's not too late if you still need senior pics!

LGPortfolio-18LGPortfolio-18    LN-Portfolio-10LN-Portfolio-10 HK-PortfolioDowntown-23HK-PortfolioDowntown-23   AW-PortfolioB-5AW-PortfolioB-5    

AW-Portfolio-16AW-Portfolio-16 EPPortfolio-20EPPortfolio-20

(Marlane Kennedy Photography) Wed, 19 Sep 2018 05:22:58 GMT