Neena ~ Arboretum and Downtown

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I have known Neena since she was a tiny ballerina. She has shared many moments on stage and off with my daughter, who is a few years older. Neena's mama is also a friend of mine. So this made this particular photography session extra special! I was so excited to be able to capture some wonderful senior moments for Neena and her family! Having watched her grow into a graceful leading lady of the dance stage has been an absolute pleasure. Neena was supposed to be Belle in Ballet Wooster's production of Beauty and the Beast this past spring, but of course that was cancelled. I took some publicity pics of her in her beautiful yellow Belle costume shortly before Covid closed everything down. It is my hope that sometime during her senior year she will be able to dance as Belle and get to don that radiant costume again. After all the years of hard and dedicated work in ballet, Neena deserves a last moment to shine on the stage!

Neena had asked for a split session encompassing the arboretum and downtown. We started out at the arboretum. It was a bright and sunny day so we had to scout out areas of shade. Luckily we found some perfect backdrops! It was hard to stop taking pics there (could have gone on forever with my beautiful subject), but downtown was calling and so we moved over there before the sun went down. It is hard for me to decide which setting I like best! Both places offer a unique atmosphere and picturesque spots. So I'm glad Neena choose both!

Neena owes her gorgeous features to her Italian, German, and Navajo heritage. What a stunning combination! It is hard to take a bad photo of Neena. Smiling or serious, she commands the camera lens in her own unique way. I'm grateful and honored to have had a chance to be her senior photographer. Besides dance, visual arts classes and music also play a big part of her life. Especially music! She plays piccolo and flute in marching band, symphonic band and orchestra. She sings in concert choir and chamber choir as well. She is a busy and determined student who excels in all she does. Her plans for college includes pursing a degree in one of her great passions--music! She would also like to study political science as a minor or dual major. I'm looking forward to seeing where life leads this smart, talented, sweet and fiercely strong young woman! She is going places for sure! 

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