Emily ~ Barnes Preserve

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I had the honor of photographing Emily's sister when I was first starting out as a senior photographer. Now, three years later, it's Emily's turn turn for senior photos! It is neat to have families as repeat clients. It always makes me happy that they loved the older siblings photos enough to book me again for the younger ones! And I've known her family for a long time. I remember seeing her as a little pre-schooler with her sister at Wayne Center for the Arts and chatting with her mom as we sat in the waiting area for dance classes. Later, I got to know her family better as our paths continued to cross. So I've had the chance to watch her grow up, which made being her senior photographer extra delightful!

We shot the session at the Barnes Preserve. I have never visited the Barnes Preserve before, but was happy to oblige with the location request as it holds a special meaning for Emily. Emily loves to run and it is her favorite place to go when she does her running workout. It is certainly a beautiful setting for a run, with both an open field and also wooded paths, along with a pond and overlook. It was beautiful for photography, too, and I'm glad I got the chance to bring my camera there and capture Emily in her element! I enjoyed the preserve so much, that I plan to return soon to do workouts of my own--though that involves walking and not running, like Emily. Walking is more my pace--ha!

Our shoot began in the morning hours. It was cloudy when I first started clicking away, but before long the sun came out with a strong, bright "hello there" greeting! Luckily, we found a few shaded areas near the wild plants that grew along the path, which provided pretty backdrops and relief from squinting. But it wasn't long before the sun was unrelenting, and so I had Emily lead the way to a path in the woods, where shady areas abound. Emily started off the session with a cool black leather jacket look and then changed into her usual attire she wears to the Barnes Preserve--her running clothes! The pink color fade running shirt looked great and really popped among all the greens and accentuated her striking dark brown eyes. I think senior outfits should truly represent who the senior is and be something they are comfortable wearing. If a senior is uncomfortable, or doesn't feel like themselves, it sort of defeats the reason for senior photos! We are capturing a significant moment in time, after all:) I think Emily's beautiful pics are a fitting tribute to who she is and I hope she loves them and the moments I captured. Moments that are not fleeting that disappear, but that will live on in the form of a photograph to be enjoyed, well, forever!  

Emily is currently taking online college classes for her senior year of schooling, so she has a head start on those college credits! She would like to study business. I adored spending time with Emily at the Barnes Preserve. A lovely setting and a lovely senior! 

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