Friend Shoot ~ Ramseyer Farm Sunflower Days

September 29, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I've done a group session previously at the fair a few years ago with my senior clients who were able to come. It was a lot of fun! But I have never done a "friendship" shoot before. Until now! One of my seniors, Lanie, requested a sunflower shoot. Luckily, Ramseyer Farms right here in Wooster and only minutes away, hosts a few days at their sunflower fields for professional photographers before opening up to the public. And, luckily, three of Lanie's friends were able to come join in, which made the day all the more merry. You know the saying, "The more the merrier"--well this shoot was definitely the more the merrier! There was the banter and laughter of close pals as I was clicking away--and surrounded by the beautiful yellow flowers--well, it made for a very happy shoot!

It was a sunny day and no shade, which provided some challenges, but I think the golden glow and bright light complimented a sunflower shoot. After all sunflowers have "sun" in their name! Ramseyer Farms provided some picturesque settings among the flowers--including a piano and an old truck with pumpkins, which added variety to the shoot. I especially love the piano--made for some gorgeous pics! The girls took turns in front of the camera as we explored the area. Lanie is in the black dress, Gabriela in the bright pink, Lucia in the white overalls, and Grace in the red dress. They were all as lovely as the flowers. Though the sunflowers were the main event, there was also a pretty zinnia field as well. And I was surprised at the variety of sunflowers Ramseyer grows (more than 20!) Near the end of the shoot, we did the group shots--love them!

I hope one day, when these four fast friends are my age, they will look back at these pictures fondly, with huge smiles on their faces. Senior year is always bittersweet. Lots of new adventures ahead, but many times going off to different colleges and then to different lives. I have a few blurry late 1970's to early 1980's pics of me with my friends. Wish I could have had a photo shoot like this for my memories. These are four lucky girls:) I hope they have the best senior year together. Seeing the warmth, affection, humor, and support they shared during the photoshoot, I'm pretty sure they they will. And I'm pretty sure they will remain forever friends. 

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