Olivia ~ Arboretum

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So this was an extra special session. Olivia's mom and dad are wonderful high school teachers and one or the other or both taught my three now grown up kiddos! So lucky to have had them as teachers. They really are the best! Her dad is also involved with community theatre and is now the teacher leading high school drama club and, with my daughter's involvement in theatre, our paths have crossed that way as well. In fact, my first memory of Olivia is when she was a little tyke sitting on her mother's lap playing Wacky the ventriloquist's doll in a production of Annie. She was such an absolute cutie then and it was so great to see how she has grown into such a lovely and poised young woman. I love, love, love her unique sense of style. Such great outfits with a bit of a classic "Annie Hall" vibe for those of you old enough to remember those days. I was a teenager in the late 70's and have a great fondness for the very cool fashion trends that have come back! Olivia put her own spin on what she wore, however, and I could tell her outfits were an an organic choice and very much HER and it made me a bit giddy to start snapping away! Sometimes you just know a shoot will turn out beautifully before the first click and this was one of those times. The arboretum was just beginning to get its warm fall tones and it complemented her earthy tan sweater and tweed blazer perfectly. Just a great early fall backdrop combined with her look and it made my photographer's heart very happy indeed! 

The weather was comfortable and the company delightful as Olivia, her mother and I explored all the arboretum offered. I think I could have shot for hours there if not for the fast approaching sunset. Olivia did great and both her serious and smiley looks were stunning. Sometimes it is hard to have a natural smile, but Olivia's smile just made me smile, too, as I was clicking away. Warm and genuine and and kind and it lit up every spot we stopped at. I was excited to upload all the pics when I got home and as you can see they did not disappoint. Of course, the arboretum was picturesque, but Olivia is what made the pictures GORGEOUS! She has a quiet and calm nature (not an ounce of diva attitude to be found), but something about her outshone the beauty of her surroundings. 

Olivia is a very accomplished and active senior. She is on the Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Lacrosse teams, is the Editor in Chief of the Blade (her high school newspaper), and is a member of National Honor Society, Green Club, and NAACP Club. I'm so glad I had the chance to spend time with her as her senior photographer. She was a dream to have on the other side of the camera and I wish her all the best in her last year of high school and much success as she transitions to college and beyond! 

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