Eleanor ~ Arboretum

November 12, 2022  •  1 Comment

I have been soooo looking forward to my second shoot with Eleanor. She is a whirlwind of fun and personality wrapped in the most adorable package. Loved the way her downtown Ashland shoot turned out and I had an inkling she would sparkle and shine in this nature inspired shoot as well. I was right--sparkle and shine she did! As you can see from the pics, she truly was like a beautiful gem in a beautiful setting. And a funny story about one of the shots that is especially sparkly and glowy. There was a wedding earlier and some bottles stuffed with twinkle lights had been left along one of the public pathways. I didn't think anyone would mind us borrowing the bottle for a few seconds, so on the spur of the moment I had Eleanor pick it up and place it near her cheek. The glow of the bottle matched the glow of the light filtering through the tree behind her--it ended up being stunning and I'm so glad we spent a few seconds with that bottle! Ha!

Being out of town, Eleanor and her mother had never visited the arboretum before and it was so great meandering along the paths, being their tour guide and showing them the wonderful backdrops available as I snapped away. So much variety, no matter the season at the arboretum and I am a grateful photographer that it is only minutes away. And even though I am familiar with all the arboretum has to offer, I still couldn't help but geek out over framing Eleanor in my viewfinder among all its splendor. I know at Eleanor's first session she and her mom were amused by all my exclamations right before clicking the shutter button, and this session was also filled with me constantly going "Wow!", "So pretty!", "Love this!" and "Oh, my goodness!"--I overflow with emotion sometimes when I know an image will turn out spectacular. And spectacular is the word for how Eleanor's gallery turned out! She was such a great model and I loved her outfit choices. Bright, spunky, and stylish with quirky little touches. A perfect reflection for who Eleanor is! My seniors have been nailing it lately with what they bring to wear! I also loved how she had a different vibe from her first session by curling her hair and wearing more dramatic make-up. Both versions still true to herself and just as beautiful! I think that is the benefit of having a double session. Not only can you have images capturing different seasons (summer and fall), but you can rock a different look as well! For those who have not seen Eleanor's downtown Ashland blog post, you can visit it here and learn about all her many impressive school accomplishments:  https://www.marlanekennedyphotography.com/blog/2022/8/eleanor-downtown-ashland

Eleanor, I had the best time being your senior photographer and have enjoyed getting to know you and your wonderful mom! Thanks so much for trusting me with your senior portraits and I hope they bring a smile to your face for years to come! 

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Thank you so much for these amazing photos! We had the best time!
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