David ~ Downtown and Oak Hill Park

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Oh, did the camera ever adore David! I mean what is not to love? Handsome with a unique sense of style (love, love, love the tie sweatshirt combo--so snazzy!) Not to mention that gorgeous perfect head of hair. I adored working with him, too. Polite, funny, charming, and posing like he was a career model. Perhaps he should forward these pictures to a modeling agency to earn college money:)

We started his session downtown. Lucked out with perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect early fall day. There are so many great backdrops in our little town! Lots of variety. Different vibes. As a photographer, I feel so lucky to have such an amazing setting so close by. I think his dressier look he chose was perfect for the urban setting. After a tour of the downtown, we were off to Oak Hill Park for a nature inspired shoot. His cream colored hoodie and blue and gold letterman jacket looked great among the beginning warm, fall tones. At first, the sun was quite strong, so we had to go in search of shadier spots. As we walked around and chatted, we bonded over a love of writing. He said he may be interested in majoring in English and I was an English major myself (English Education) and my other career path is writing middle grade novels for HarperCollins and Scholastic. After finding places to snap away without the light being too harsh, the sun finally started to descend lower and softer into the horizon and we were able to take advantage of the golden hour glow. Just beautiful!

David is an accomplished and busy young man. He is a 3-year letterman in swimming and track, works on the school yearbook, and also enjoys art classes. He has had several drawings featured during Fine Arts Week. In addition, you might see him around as a lifeguard at the city pools and the YMCA. Glad he was able to squeeze a senior session in considering his whirlwind schedule! College plans aren't settled yet, but he is leaning towards Kent State--I  gave that a big thumbs up as my daughter just graduated from there! 

I am pretty sure David is headed for a bright future whatever path he takes. What a joy it was to be his senior photographer! It was great to meet his wonderful mom, too. We bonded a bit as well--she is also a photographer, but her specialty is birds! I hope David has the best ever senior year and that these pictures will be a forever reminder of this special time in his life. I love the thought that the photos I take will live on long after the graduation announcements and parties. That they will be brought out from time to time in the decades to come for reminiscing and smiles. And David's striking photos are certainly smile-worthy and worth reminiscing over!

Thank you, David, for letting me and my camera be a part of your senior year! It was an honor!

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