Violette ~ Downtown

October 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Violette is an incredible young woman and athlete. She plays goalkeeper for Internationals Soccer Club, which part of the the Elite Clubs National League. She is often found traveling across the country to play, not to mention the intensive practices required, so I'm glad she found a brief opening in her schedule to get her senior pictures taken with me! The dedication and hard work regarding soccer has paid off as she has committed to play for Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania next year. I love that she brought her soccer jersey and soccer ball to the photo shoot. It is such an important part of her life and now she will have some senior photos capturing that! And I love that she was able to wear a college t-shirt as one of her other outfit changes, too, since she--unlike many seniors--already knows where she is going! It will make a great photo to include in a graduation announcement. I told her it must be nice to relax during her senior year instead of stressing over applications and not knowing where she will end up! 

It was a lot of fun wandering downtown with Violette, finding spots to stop and frame her in my camera. I tried some new spots, including some wonderfully decorated store window fronts which made for great backdrops and reflections. She was game to try anything! Violette was just as sweet and pretty as the flower her name reminds me of and I'm so happy I could capture these beautiful photos for her and her family. I wish her all the best when she heads to Lehigh University next year. I know she'll do great!

Violette Bonvallet-1Violette Bonvallet-1 Violette Bonvallet-3Violette Bonvallet-3 Violette Bonvallet-8Violette Bonvallet-8 Violette Bonvallet-12Violette Bonvallet-12 Violette Bonvallet-13Violette Bonvallet-13 Violette Bonvallet-16Violette Bonvallet-16 Violette Bonvallet-19Violette Bonvallet-19 Violette Bonvallet-23Violette Bonvallet-23 Violette Bonvallet-24Violette Bonvallet-24 Violette Bonvallet-25Violette Bonvallet-25 Violette Bonvallet-27Violette Bonvallet-27 Violette Bonvallet-30Violette Bonvallet-30 Violette Bonvallet-41Violette Bonvallet-41 Violette Bonvallet-44Violette Bonvallet-44 Violette Bonvallet-46Violette Bonvallet-46 Violette Bonvallet-52Violette Bonvallet-52 Violette Bonvallet-53Violette Bonvallet-53 Violette Bonvallet-59Violette Bonvallet-59 Violette Bonvallet-63Violette Bonvallet-63 Violette Bonvallet-66Violette Bonvallet-66 Violette Bonvallet-67Violette Bonvallet-67 Violette Bonvallet-73Violette Bonvallet-73   Violette Bonvallet-79Violette Bonvallet-79   Violette Bonvallet-81Violette Bonvallet-81 Violette Bonvallet-82Violette Bonvallet-82 Violette Bonvallet-85Violette Bonvallet-85    Violette Bonvallet-90Violette Bonvallet-90 Violette Bonvallet-93Violette Bonvallet-93 Violette Bonvallet-94Violette Bonvallet-94    Violette Bonvallet-101Violette Bonvallet-101   



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