Allaina ~ Farm

September 09, 2019  •  2 Comments

Besides being a competitive figure skater, Allaina also keeps busy with 4 -H. She raised a steer, hog, and dairy calf for the fair. So she is both a glamorous figure skater in sequined costumes and a down to earth farm girl getting dirt on her plaid shirts. I love that about her. She wanted to show her country girl roots so what better place than the farm she spends much of her time on when she is not gliding across ice! I can't decide what my favorite backdrop there was--the tall sunflowers, the white barn, the red barn, the cornfield, or the pond!

Allaina is planning on pursuing Athletic Training in college. I hope she has a fabulous senior year and I wish her all the best! She has been the most amazing subject to have on the other side of my lens. Can a camera fall in love? I think mine did with Allaina :) Thank you, Allaina, for asking me to take your senior pics!

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