Anna ~ Downtown Session

November 09, 2019  •  1 Comment

Anna is such a busy young woman, that I'm not quite sure how she found time to schedule her senior pics. But I am glad she did! At the time of her session she was juggling soccer, writing for the school newspaper, participating on the Speech and Debate Team, and rehearsing for her high school musical Grease (she is going to be a pink lady soon--opening night is November 16!)  Whew! Not sure how she does it all, but not only does she keep up, she excels at everything she is involved with.

Anna chose a downtown setting and it was a slightly crisp but warm enough fall day that she didn't have to bundle up in a coat or worry about shivering. I love fall sessions, but you never know how warm or cold it will be! Many of the summer flowers were done blooming, but luckily they were replaced with fall mums in oranges and yellows which provided a nice splash of color in the background. But my favorite thing about the session was the occasional gusts of winds that blew her hair perfectly. Though I love windblown shots, it is hard to take photographs if the wind is relentless and continually blowing hair around, but the wind cooperated with us nicely and for the most part stayed away until I needed it. So thank you wind!

I really enjoyed spending time with Anna during the shoot. She is lovely and kind and has accomplished so much during her high school years. I have no doubt that she is going to excel at college as well and I wish her all the best!

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