Lanie ~ Downtown and Arboretum

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It is beautiful, beautiful Lanie's turn in the senior spotlight! I was super excited when her mom contacted me to do her senior session. Partly because her older sister was one of my first clients and I loved her photos so much. It really gave me the confidence I could do this! But also, with the honor of being Ballet Wooster's show photographer for the past 6 years, I have captured many gorgeous images of Lanie on stage as a ballerina. So I already knew this girl was photogenic and would be a stunner in her senior pics. And, boy, was I right!

Lanie chose a double session, which meant we could easily work in a shoot at two different locations. First up was an urban flair with downtown Wooster. The purple jumper and orange high-waisted, pleated pants looked so adorable on her! Flattering colors that pop! We had a Saturday shoot and I was a little worried downtown would be busy (usually I like to do downtown shoots on Sunday when businesses are closed), but thankfully it really wasn't a problem at all! Did some favorite poses, but also tried some new things, like having her sit on the edge of a row of meter readers. Doesn't sound like a great backdrop, but turned out super cool! I also came across an amazing tall green potted plant with huge elephant ear sized leaves. The big splashes of deep green looked terrific with her orange pants--such a great color combo! I'm sorry to say with the colder weather, that plant is now gone, but I hope that it makes a return appearance again next year when it warms up again. I'd love to do some more pics with it as a backdrop! Anyway, I think I could have spent a whole hour photographing her with that plant, but time was ticking! We still had to go to her second location before sunset, so I tore myself away for a few classic downtown pics in front of Artfind Tile and then we hopped in our respective cars and headed to Secrest Arboretum.

Lanie brought some great outfits as well for the nature inspired part of the shoot. She did a mix of dressy and casual--a cute flower print dress and jeans with a sweater and t-shirt. I love the bright summer flowers at the arboretum, but fall is equally beautiful with its warm and rich tones! Gorgeous backdrop for a gorgeous girl for sure! I honestly can't say if I like Lanie's downtown or the arboretum images better! Just thrilled with how both turned out! With a double session, clients get many more photo files, and I don't envy her mom in trying to pick out favorites to print. It was next to impossible for me to try to pick some out to feature for this blog post! But how fun is it to have all those beautiful images as a forever keepsake? 

Lanie keeps a very full calendar. She has danced ballet for 14 years, enjoys volunteering within her community, and takes challenging classes as part of the International Baccalaureate Program, where she has earned a spot on honor roll all four years. She is the communication coordinator for her school's Green Club (a club that promotes recycling and sustainability) and is a member of her school's NAACP chapter. She also enjoyed being on the tennis team for the first time as a senior!

Lanie, you are such a natural in front of the camera. Couldn't have asked for a lovelier subject. Is it possible for a camera to fall in love? Because I think mine did! So happy to have been your senior photographer and so proud to share these dazzling images! Hope you have the most wonderful year ahead as you finish high school and go off to a bright and shiny future at college!

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