Neena ~ Blossoming Tree

May 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Last spring Neena's mother texted me a photo of the most beautiful, sprawling tree in bloom at the arboretum--a type of crabapple, Malus Rosseau, planted 70 years ago in 1951! We had hoped to do a photo session of Neena under the luscious pink blooms. Unfortunately, by the time Neena could come to be photographed, the blooms were gone. And the magical tree lost its brilliance and looked quite ordinary and ho-hum! We went ahead and did Neena's senior photos over the summer, but I promised we could come back the following year for a "mini" session with the tree. So this spring Neena's mom kept watch and texted me almost daily on its progress. We ended up deciding to do the photo shoot before it was fully in bloom because there was a freeze warning and cold weather in the forecast. But I think it turned out perfect--since the tree was a mix of fully open flowers and and buds it gave such an interesting variation in color. A mix of light and deep fuchsia. The tree was spectacular and so was graceful Neena the ballerina! Loved the white tutu against the colorful floral backdrop. It's funny, but it was hot and humid when I took her senior photos over the summer and for this mini session it was a little too chilly to be out in a tutu! You really can't custom order weather for photography sessions. But it really didn't matter in the end, because no matter the weather, Neena is such a beautiful and poised subject to have in front of the camera. She is simply radiant.   

Neena just finished up her senior year and will be doing a gap year, after which she has plans to study music, dance, and political science. She will be a very busy college student, but I'm sure she will enjoy immersing herself in her passions. For years I have watched Neena perform on stage and what a joy it has been to watch her grow up from a tiny dancer to an accomplished young woman. I have no doubt she is headed for great things! Congratulations on your graduation, Neena, and I wish you the very best! NeenaShell-2NeenaShell-2 NeenaShell-3-2NeenaShell-3-2 NeenaShell-4NeenaShell-4 NeenaShell-6NeenaShell-6 NeenaShell-10NeenaShell-10 NeenaShell-11NeenaShell-11 NeenaShell-12NeenaShell-12 NeenaShell-14NeenaShell-14 NeenaShell-19NeenaShell-19 NeenaShell-21NeenaShell-21 NeenaShell-24NeenaShell-24 NeenaShell-29NeenaShell-29 NeenaShell-30NeenaShell-30 NeenaShell-34NeenaShell-34 NeenaShell-36NeenaShell-36 NeenaShell-38NeenaShell-38 NeenaShell-39NeenaShell-39 NeenaShell-42NeenaShell-42 NeenaShell-44NeenaShell-44 NeenaShell-46NeenaShell-46


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