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When I was contacted about a November senior session for Nathan, I was thinking it would be a sweater and coat shoot, with me shivering as I clicked away. But we ended up with the very last warm day of fall. The sun was shining brightly and temperatures reached the low 60's! It could not have been planned more beautifully. No sweater or heavy coat needed for Nathan and I was comfortable in my role as photographer without bundling up.

Nathan brought a nice variety of clothes, from dressy to casual. We started the shoot with Nathan looking quite dashing in his tie, dress shirt, and blue dress pants. Not long after the session started, I had a spur of the moment inspiration to drag a nearby chair into an open space and I'm happy I went with that spur of the moment idea. Sometimes trying something new works and sometimes it doesn't, but this worked out wonderfully. I loved the end result! I also loved the way the colors he wore paired with the tried and true backdrop of the Artfind Tile storefront. It is a gorgeous backdrop, which I use a lot, but very busy and can clash if you are not wearing something complimentary. Nathan's look nailed it. Next up was a more casual look and I think the light denim jacket/hoody with his black t-shirt really popped in the photos. Another great clothing choice Nathan made:) There were really so many terrific shots of Nathan that I took from the heart of the city square, that it was hard for me to get down to manageable amount to share on this blog! We ended his senior session by moving to an off street alleyway and with Nathan wearing a long sleeve t-shirt paying tribute to the college he will be attending--Moravian College--where he will be playing soccer. I am a big fan of at least taking a few pics with college apparel. They make great photos for graduation announcements!

I really enjoyed my time with Nathan. He was so polite and accommodating. And it is always great to know the family a little bit as well. I took his sister Violette's senior photos a couple years ago and she was a awesome to work with as well! Besides being an accomplished soccer player, Nathan also plays percussion in band. I'm glad he found time for senior pics in his busy schedule and I'm also glad I was asked to take the pictures. It is hard to describe the fulfillment I get out of creating forever memories of young adults who are soon to be transitioning to life after high school. It is such a special time for them and for their families. I'm just grateful to be a part of it and that the images will not be fleeting, but something that will be appreciated and looked at for years to come. So thank you to Nathan and his family for allowing me to be a part of Nathan's journey! I hope he has a wonderful rest of his senior year and wish him much success in college life and a bright future ahead! 

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