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I've known Ian since he was born. He and his family are often fixtures at my family gatherings and holidays. I've known his father since I was a young adult--translation a very long time! Ian's dad, Eric, is a pilot and trained my dad on getting his instrument rating and they became fast and lasting friends. In fact, my dad was the best man at Eric's wedding. Eric is only a few years older than me and I guess you can say Eric is my brother from another mother:)  So anyway, I was all too happy to take Ian's senior portraits. Ian's family lives a few hours away, so they had to travel to get his portraits taken, but they made use of the trip by visiting a few area colleges, too. So the trip was double duty! 

We settled on a downtown setting for Ian's senior session, but before that came a quick family session at my long, wooded driveway. Since the driveway was so picturesque with the fallen autumn leaves, I took a few individual pics of Ian there as well before moving on to the downtown part of the shoot. Luckily, it was a warm fall day and Ian did not have to bundle up for his pics! Ian has a great smile and honestly all his photos turned out awesome. After all, what is not to love about his dashing dimple, beautiful eyes, and long eyelashes? The camera certainly noticed his good looks! And since I have known him since he was a baby, I can say in full confidence that he is as nice and kind as he is good looking. I think the camera captured that as well:) We had some misty rain show up for a few minutes during the session, but I kept snapping away and you can't even tell Ian was getting a little damp. I was sure it wasn't going to rain and Ian's father thought it would--we had dueling weather forecasts going on. I guess Ian's dad won that bet (moral of the story--always trust a pilot with the weather!) but thankfully all turned out well in the end.

Ian's high school activities includes soccer, bowling, tennis, and In The Know team. He is really hoping he will be able to continue to bowl in college. Right now he is leaning towards larger campuses with a lot of green space. They have had to do their own campus tours since colleges are not doing formal ones right now, and though it means missing out on a lot (for example Ian can't go into dorms to check them out due to Covid), it has still been helpful in getting a "feel" for what he likes and doesn't like about campus settings. I'm curious to see where he lands, but one thing I am sure of is that this wonderful young man is headed for success.

You were a terrific model for me, Ian, and I wish you great good luck as you transition to college life next year! I know I will see you at future family gatherings and am looking forward to seeing all that you become as you enter adulthood!

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